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Book Review: City of Bones - Mortal Instruments Series - Book 1

Review: City of Bones
Author: Cassandra Clare
No. Of Pages: 442
Release Date: August 2007

It’s after dark in New York City, and Clary Fray is seeing things. The best-looking guy in the nightclub just stabbed a boy to death – but the victim has vanished into thin air. Her mother has disappeared, and a hideous monster is lurking in her apartment. With her life spiralling into darkness into an invisible war between ancient demonic forces and the secretive Shadowhunters – a war in which she has a fateful role to play...

My thoughts:

One word: Wow.

For one, it is wonderful to know that there are books in which Vampires are still evil! Because although I love the whole Vampire Romance lovey-dovey eternal soul mates theme, it is awesome that some people still think vampires are evil!

Ok that aside. This book takes you on a journey of discovery. It gives a whole new stream of thoughts that could last for hours involving what might be out there, just under our noses.

City of Bones follows the tale of Clarissa Fray (Clary) trying to find out what has happened to her mother, and on the way discovers that her neighbours mother is a witch, vampires are blood sucking monsters that ride flying motorcycles and go to all night parties, werewolves also exist and are constantly at war with vampires (well, we kind of already knew that), oh and she is part Nephilim (Angel). This is a tad hard to take in all on one night whilst trying to find your best friend who got lost when you were trying to find your mum.

Then you add into the mix: Jace. He is also a Nephilim, and I have to say, that Clare gave Jace and Simon some of the funniest lines ever, and that were so perfectly timed.

I will say that it took me a little while to get into this book. It might have been because I wasn’t concentrating maybe I wasn’t in the mood, or maybe it was actually a slow start. But after about a hundred pages, I had to force myself to put it down so I could work. Once the Downworlders (vampires, werewolves and warlocks) come into play the story picks up really quickly. I was reaching the end before I wanted to (so it’s good I acted on a hunch and bought the other two books).

One other thing, it isn’t predictable!!! It had a shocking ending that is a great starter for the next book.

Rating: 4/5

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Kirthi said...

I totally agree with the the "evil vampires" idea. I'm happy that they were villainous too. And yea, they have HILARIOUS lines! Cassandra Clare has a great sense of humor.

Wow indeed :)
P.S. Thanks, the new followers every day have been incredibly encouraging. I've noticed that your gaining a lot of followers too! Just a few week ago, I was your only follower. I'm happy for you :D

Logan said...

Alright, next time I see it, I'm going to get it. I always thought characters that were either fallen angels or part angels would catch on and become as popular as vampires...

Amanda-Lee said...

yeah i reckon angels are going to be the next big thing...expecially with hush hush and fallen being so huge...werewolves seemed to have missed the boat a little bit though...i mean there is shiver, but thats the only one i can name off the top of my head at the moment...pity

Priya said...

I LOVE this book!


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