Friday, November 11, 2011

My Two Cents: Plagiarism in a big way...and the way Little Brown handled it.

So people who are regularly on twitter, may have heard about the Little Brown plagiarism scandal.

They had to pull a book they had published and sold to booksellers after finding out that large portions of the spy novel had been lifted from other material including the James Bond books. I mean, it's freaking Bond! Did he really think that no one would notice?!

As the guy at Reluctant Habits is reading the book and comparing the lifted material, it is quite interesting to note that Q.R Markham - the guy who wrote the book - stole his material quite often from the first page of a novel! and that nearly every page between pages 13 and 35 has copied material on it! That's not just some plagiarism...there's nothing in there of his! I'm wondering what happened to page nineteen and thirty and thirty-one. I am guessing that they were chapter breaks...or had a picture on them maybe?

Now, as many people who have read my My Two Cents posts will know, I absolutely abhor plagiarism. If you can't write an original story, then you really shouldn't be writing at all.

What I would like to say though is THANK YOU to Little Brown. They didn't try to hide it, or cover it up, they merely came out and said yep, dude's a copy of the good stuff, let's get it down.

Unfortunately I cannot find an article from Little Brown themselves, so I'm not going to quote exactly what they said...because frankly if I got it wrong...that would be embarrassing...though not quite as embarrassing as having my publisher tell the world I was a fake.

Dude, you messed up.

And here I was worrying about writing a vampire novel...

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Anonymous said...

Lori T. Strongin is also a plagiarist.


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