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Bookie Brunch: The Final Brunch - Happy New Years!

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With this being the final Bookie Brunch I would like to thank everyone for participating and being so fantastic over the last six months. I would also like to say a huge THANK YOU to Sasha Soren! With out all of your amazing organisational skills none of this would have even been possible. 

So to make this extra special I have a huge number of guests here today plus some of the lovely ladies from The Book Lovers Inc all sharing their plans and wishes for the New Year.

Your host this week:

My guests this week:

The question under discussion: What are you most looking forward to in the New Year?
Optional question: What is your New Year's resolution?

Amanda downs some more eggnog and then a little more and begins with: What I am most looking forward to in the new year is continuing change, socially, professionally and recreationally and of course all the new books coming!

My new years resolution this year is to finish some of my writing!

Jennie warms her hands on her hot chocolate after a bite of mince pie and adds: What I am most looking forward to and what my new years resolution is, are kinda of the same question. I am looking forward to and planning on developing my youtube channel more and finally getting my blog set up properly. I'll also (finally) be getting my drivers license, learning some new languages and hopefully *fingers crossed* doing some travelling. If all goes to plan I should have a busy year! However, best laid plans and all that jazz, it could go horribly wrong, but for now I am happily optimistic about the new year and all it might hold!

Jo passes around some parmesan dusted pecans and pours some more Prosecco: Bookwise, I guess I always look forward to shiny new books from my favorite authors. I've got my eye on one from China Mieville that due out in May called Railsea (I know nothing about it, but I love this author, so I plan on grabbing it). Non-bookwise, I'm looking forward to maybe doing a bit of traveling. Nothing exciting, especially since money is pretty tight right now (due to the need to replace our house's HVAC, a bunny who is on insulin, and some recent dental surgey on my part) --- but we're thinking maybe a long weekend in Portland, Oregon might be nice. Never been there, but it sounds nice --- and I've been watching episode of Grimm lately that make me curious about Portland.

I try to find very general-type resolutions for myself, so I guess my resolution is to get off my butt more and do more things --- I like walking outside, so I need to do that more (and I need to grab my camera to take with me). I have a tendency to get a bit lazy and decide to curl up with a book (or my PC) instead of moving around more, so I'm determined that I'll get better about that.

Sipping her Starbucks White Mocha Lucy continues with: I am definitely looking forward to all the wonderful books that are coming out, especially those from debut YA authors!!! I will be buying a new bookshelf to give all my upcoming purchases a wonderful home :).

At this time, I haven't fully committed to a new year's resolution, however, it will be something along the lines of doing better in school and trying to spend less money (which will be hard since I have a huge list of books to buy!) lol.

Pepca brews some more hot chocolate and adds:  What I'm most looking forward in the New Year: being surprised by good things, hopefully.
My New Year's resolution: Worry less.

Caro pops some champagne and continues with:  Getting a job and getting an apartment! It's about time I leave my parents' house ;)

Like every previous year, I plan on loosing weight! LOL I guess it's an ongoing good resolution I never keep ;)

Lea dips her apricot biscuit into her egg nog and adds: I'm looking forward to attending the RT Booklovers Convention in Chicago in April! :) Hmmm New Year's resolution to read 100 books in 2012 (I didn't quite make my 2011 goal - close but no cigar! lol)

With a glint in her eye, Anna puts a bottle of vodka on the table: Finding at last a job!

I plan on not staying inside home so much. I really need to get out and interact with people more:)

Alisha who is now our designated driver (because she is so good to us) sips her sparkling apple cider and adds: Rebuilding my book collection (which has been cut down over the last few years from intercontinental moves). I love being surrounded by a gazillion books!!!!!

Not really big on establishing New Year's resolutions, which seem almost meant to be broken. lol But I'd like to remind myself throughout the year to work hard AND play hard!

Susi calls for another Aperol Sprizz and continues with: Finally being finished with university and hopefully getting a real job with normal working hours.

Try not to stress so much and I have to take more time for myself.

Melissa sips her bundy rum and coke and says: I'm looking forward to the books of 2012 and finally being done with my studies so I can focus on the more awesome stuff!

Lol. Last year it was to give up smoking. This year its to take up dieting... mainly because when I gave up smoking I took up eating as a habit. Not recommended! And to get the guts up to actually finish and submit some of my writing to Publishers.

Downing her Yellow Tail Bubbles Jackie concludes with: Finding a permanent home for my library that is too big for my apartment :)

Lose weight, stay in top of my review books...the usual stuff.

Amanda: So my lovelies I hope you all enjoyed your New Years, or if it hasn't quite happened yet, I hope you are gearing up for a fantastic party. Pop some champagne and if you're anything like me, add some orange juice for flavour and I hope you have a fantastic New Years!

2012 is going to be awesome!

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