Thursday, February 3, 2011

Man of the Month: January 2011

This month's man of the month is:


Carter from Succubus Blues!

Carter is an Angel who is friends with the demon characters of Succubus Blues. In the beginning he was untrustworthy and was suggested as the culprit behind the murders of the local immortals. But as we got to know him Carter in my mind became a beautiful, caring character who completely lived up to his Angel status. He may not have been chummy with Georgina but he showed he cared by helping her numerous times, saving her life and helping to save her boyfriends mind. If I had a choice of the plethora of characters given to us I would choose the kind but snarky, antagonistic Carter.

Carter is described as blonde and looking a little bit like a bum. But this is how I see him:

Barney Stinson...but with Carter's voice which was a different tone, and maybe with more of a beard. But I always had a slightly more filled out version of Barney in my head everytime Carter came on the scene.

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Jess (Gone with the Words) said...

This is one of my most favorite series out there...I just LOVE it!! And Carter is one of my favorite characters from it...although I kinda see him more like Kurt Cobain, since she describes as grungy and with flannel sometimes, haha.


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