Monday, February 14, 2011

My Two Cents: The depressing side of Blogging

Have you noticed that although Blogging gives you the chance to discover new books and new people and be generally happy about reading, that sometimes you feel sad?

I do.


Because my TBR pile is currently standing at 51, my Shelfari TBR pile is currently standing at 1,043, my (fairly new) amazon wishlist is standing at 30 and then there are all the books out there that I still haven't gotten around to adding to these various lists yet.

There are just too many that I want to read and more and more are being published everyday. If my wish were to come true and I were to become immortal I would never finish, if they never printed another book again (that tore my heart open just saying that) I would never be finished. If I quit my job tomorrow and never worked another day in my life I still would not get all the books read that I want to read.

It therefore saddens me when I read books that drag, or that I don't like because I think that it was almost a waste. Time I could have spent reading something that I loved.

This is just my personal rant about feelings that have been building up for some time now, I love reading and I will never stop, but I'm sad because of all the wonderful books that I will never get to.


Kah Woei said...

HaHa! I so understand the feeling ... it's so hard to pick and choose and know that I'll never be able to read all the books I want. Not just because of time but because I can't afford it as well. :-)

Jackie said...

I totally agree. It's the physical TBR that upsets me the most..the books sit there, almost taunting me, because I can't read fast enough :-p

I hate quitting a book, it goes against my very nature, but if a book drags too much (I have resigned myself to a certain page limit), I have to put it in the "did not finish" pile and move on. Reading time is precious! Thanks for the great post/rant.


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