About StoryWings

StoryWings, the name originated from my brain, when I was going through an obsession with Fallen Angels in 2009. It was originally some cheesy breakdown of "Flying the best stories to you". I've gotten over the angels but now StoryWings has somehow stuck, and to be perfectly honest it has become my most favourite internet baby (even better than Facebook!).

Why does it exist?:
StoryWings is an outlet for my addiction to buying, reading and collecting books. My favourite genre would have to be Urban Fantasy, but I read so many different books that I barely know what genres I cover anymore. As I'm sure everyone does, I go through phases. The only one of these phases that has stuck with me for over 10 years now is Vampires, yes people, I was on the Paranormal Plane long before Twilight was even an idea in the back of Meyers dreams.

The Genres covered:
So far I have dabbled in: YA, Adult, Romance, Paranormal, Mystery, Thriller, Crime, Horror, Sci-Fi (but I don't like it), Fantasy, Action/Adventure and Western (also not a fan), Suspense.
So far I have reviewed: YA, Adult, Romance, Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Paranormal, Suspense, Thriller.

Who is this chick?:
My name is Amanda-Lee. I am a 20 year old girl from Australia. I am a qualified accountant who has a complete obsession with books and writing.
I started reading about the age of three and from there it has grown into something that often annoys the people around me. For a very long time now I have often chosen books over people.
Straying away from books though I also love my music, photography, writing, scrapbooking, shopping, clothes and of course...shoes!


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