Review Policy

This blog is just for fun. I love to read, and the rate at which I get through books, it seems logical to write about my literary adventures.

I am open to all book suggestions, I have a few lists floating around on my Blog including what I'm reading now, what I'm going to read next, what I'm going to buy next, and what I'm planning to read in the future, down the bottom of my page is a bookshelf of all the books I have finished.

There is collectively over 1,100 books in these combined lists and the planning to read list (bottom left sidebar) is constantly growing.

I will take all suggestions into consideration and because they are requested by you guys and I love you guys, they will more than likely go to the top of the "Books I'm hoping to get next" pile.

There is so much that I love to read that I will just list what I don't like reading.

  • I don't like non-fiction - this is depending, don't stop from requesting, but you may get a no.
  • Memoires are iffy, I loved Chopper Reeds memoir when I was 13, but unless it's someone really interesting and there is an actual story behind it i probably won't pick it up.
  • I don't like anything based on the Wars (WWI, WWII, Cold War, Vietnam)
  • Sci-fi is another iffy one, if it has other sub genres that are prominent I may pick it up.
 That's about it really I love to read period so just ask!!

Although I don't think I'd ever get any offers because I'm Aussie, ARC's and any books sent by publishers and/or authors would of course take priority over all other reading material, and anyone wishing to send me anything can contact me via email.

I do not however accept Audio Books and E-books are not preferred either, however when I finally get my hands on a Kindle or equivalent go nuts with the e-books :)

All of my reviews will contain the following:
  • A picture of the book
  • The synopsis from the back
  • My thoughts which will usually contain what I like and dislike about the book, the characters.
  • A rating
I am very open about all topics and all genres, basically it takes something completely disgusting to even begin to phase me. So although I try to mention if some content might not be appreciated by all people, sometimes I do miss some topics.

Please note that any books reviewed by me do not contain spoilers. However, later books in series will no doubt carry spoilers from previous books. Although major plot points will not be revealed unless already done so in the synopsis small spoilers about previous books in series cannot be helped.

I don't get paid for anything I do, it's all in fun, my reviews are my own and they are my honest opinion.

Please assume that all of my books are paid for by me unless otherwise specified.

I think I covered all the bases, but if there's anything else, just ask :)


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