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Book Review: The Lottery by Alexandra O'Hurley

Review: The Lottery
Author: Alexandra O’Hurley
No of Pages: 177
Release Date: 21 December 2010

Living in a world where men were treated like a rare commodity, Ethan Spears did what he could in order to survive. But when the proverbial rug was pulled out from under him, desperate measures called for desperate actions. To save his sister, he entered The Lottery, offering himself to one woman for a year.

Karlyn Bowman was a rebel in her family, choosing not to climb the corporate ladder in order to pursue her love of art. Lonely, ostracized by the family who should have loved her, she pushed forward trying to become a success. When her friend gives her a lottery ticket to cheer her up, she puts it aside and forgets it. Imagine her surprise when the knock came to her door and her life—and his—were changed forever.

Be Warned: anal sex, masturbation, orgies, bondage

My Thoughts:

The Lottery was a sexy, emotional rollercoaster ride that left me in tears of joy.

Karlyn is a virgin, she is waiting for true love before she decides to have sex, but in a world where men are rare and only the richest are allowed to enjoy their presence, that dream is far from ever coming true.

Karlyn’s best friend Sam decides to buy her a birthday present in the form of a Lottery ticket. The ticket gives the holder a chance to win a young sexy man for a whole year to do with whatever she desires, the ticket holder also has to be financially stable, of which Karlyn - being a struggling artist – is not.

Lo and behold Karlyn wins the lottery, and on her doorstep she finds Ethan, a young, struggling, super sexy male prostitute.

Karlyn didn’t expect to win, and Karlyn also didn’t really want to win. When around Ethan she acts like a frightened kitten because she is painfully shy and has never even kissed a man let alone had sex with one. All Karlyn wants to do is paint and fantasise about her dream man who will sweep her off her feet and love her until the day she dies.

Ethan is a man with a chip on his shoulder, his parents are dead, his sister is dying and his grandmother has disowned him. To survive and to pay for his sisters medical bills Ethan has been a male prostitute since his early teens. After some of the traumatic mistresses he has been with he thinks that Karlyn’s shy nature must be some sort of trick to catch him off guard.

The Lottery was a sweet and very sexually charged novel, but it also had a good background story surrounding Karlyn’s painting career, Her friendship with Sam the proud and very loud lesbian and the friendship that forms between Karlyn and Ethan.

The Lottery was a lot more than what I was expecting; it is way more than a quick hot read. The intense connection between Karlyn and Ethan jumps off the page and is superbly put into words, it had my heart twisting when they fought and leaping when they made up. It even brought a tear to my eye when they parted.

The addition of her best friend Sam kept everything light and entertaining because of Sam’s loud demeanour and ability to point out the obvious.

The Lottery had a predictable storyline but O’Hurley took a basic concept and turned it into something beautiful. The writing flowed seamlessly and the characters were both strong and multi-dimensional.

The Lottery was a quick read but a very memorable one and it has left me complete, but still wanting more.


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