Sunday, July 31, 2011

Is it just me?: Reading in the bath...

So the other day I discovered something wonderful!

I was reading Dead as a Doornail (review went up yesterday) by Charlaine Harris, and as many of you may have noticed...once you get into them, they are very addictive!

I only had a few more chapters to go and I couldn't stand waiting until after dinner to finish it.

I was in the middle of running a bath and I thought to myself...might just as an idea I snuck my book in with me.

It was AWESOME!!

Now I always thought that this:
Would inevitably lead to this:

But it was absolutely fine! And it was so relaxing!

I haven't felt so clean after a bath, probably because I haven't soaked in one for that long in ages. I am still more of a shower person than I am a bath person but baths just got that much more inviting!

I would say that if you are going to try this, make sure to keep a towel handy and to not use your most favourite can't stand to see the pages creased book but rather a well used paperback until you get the hang of reading in the bath.

But I can guarantee you it will be the most relaxing thing you do all day. Plus you're multi-tasking! Reading whilst getting clean!


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