Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Review Requests: I have made a decision.

So I am currently on holidays, and am not accepting any review requests as it is, but I've been having thoughts about things a lot while lying on the beach. I was thinking about this before I left a lot as well because basically, I am getting snowed under.

I have made the descision to not accept any more review requests until further notice, this is going to be at least up until January next year, until I can start clearing some of what I've got and reading some of what I want. Before I went on holidays I literally read 5 review books in a row, which is a lot for me and being a reader who prefers to pick up a book just because it calls to me, forcing myself to read at the moment just isn't working.

Now, I must take into account authors I have standing relationships with. If I have previously accepted work from you then feel free to ask me, but if you are contacting me for the first time, please don't. I have close to a hundred books on my TBR pile and 10% of those are Review Request books, which I am not comfortable with. I like being able to stick to my promises and that isn't happening at the moment, which basically makes me feel bad.

So unless we have a standing relationship please don't email me if I don't know you. Anyone that does will be deleted without an answer.


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