Monday, February 1, 2010

BWB Discussion Questions - Wondrous Strange

  1. Faeries seem to be very big in YA lit lately, how does Wondrous Strange compare to others in its genre such as Lament, Wicked Lovely, etc.? 
  2. How did you view the relationship with Kelley and Sonny, was it a believable romance? 
  3. Wondrous Strange was written in the typical fashion of paranormal literature, with the protagonist unaware of her supernatural abilities, meets boy who introduces her to the world... do you find these plot lines tiresome in their likeness, or do you believe there are always similarities within fiction and it is all about the deeper story? 
  1. Wondrous Strange was actually my first proper adventure into the world of Faery, I wouldn't have it any other way.
  2. I thought the romance was believable to an extent, it wasn't "Oh, we are soul mates, marry me tomorrow!" But with the way Kelley treated Sonny and with the way he kept going back for more...well I wouldn't have been bothered myself, but true that he was intrigued by her spark. Believable to an extent.
  3. They are kind of predictable for my taste BUT it is the way the author uses the plot line. Books like these are like Law & Order, you know they are going to catch the bad guys, you just want to know how they are going to do it, and why. These plot lines run along the same principal, it is the way you get to the end that is intriguing, not the actual end. I think this is why Wondrous Strange has been so popular, because it is so different.


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