Friday, July 23, 2010

My Two Cents: The worst reason not to read a book...EVER

Feet on the cover.


I hate feet, any feet. The only feet I don't hate are my cats feet, because they are paws and don't count.

 This might be the most awesome book in the world, but I will never ever read it because it will mean having to touch the feet on the front.

Some say this is the most awesome book in the world...I almost feel bad that I am missing out.

And then comes it's sequel which brought on this post, because it reminded me of the former and how I reacted to it. I will admit though, this one isn't nearly as bad as the first two pictures I posted, probably because you can't really see the toes.

I hate toes.

I hate the freaky long toes (you know the ones) that are longer than the big toe. I hate the big toe altogether because it just looks weird, especially when people have meaty toes and the nail looks too small...or they have ingrowns...ewwww.

I hate looking at feet, hate touching them, even this post is making me grossed out. And I hate when people touch my feet.

My boyfriend often calls me weird because I have come close to kicking him in the head when he went near my feet.

I have given someone a concussion after holding me down and tickling my feet.

That is how much I hate feet.

I even hate the word feet.

I don't know where it came from, but my disgust with feet comes close to my fear of spiders (only spiders are way more evil).

So yes, now you know a little bit more about how weird I am and also why unfortunately I will never read the above books, or most books with feet on them.


Nomes (inkcrush) said...

hahahaha. hilarious.

do you have hard core rules/ or exceptions? is it the nude foot, LOL? Are socks okay? shoes on like the unwritten rule, which is all about the placement of feet...

how about the summer of skinny dipping where she's running along the beach but is bare-footed?


Marg said...

Haha! Too funny.

Would a book cover help or would just knowing that there are feet under the cover freak you out. It would almost be like the book is wearing socks!

Wings said...

It's mainly when it's right up in your face...

THe unwritten rule was going to get a mention too but I stuck with these covers because they have just feet.

Socks are ok as are shoes. Just feet are wrong.

Slabs of meat...that's all they are...

barefoot people that you can see are fine. hell i go barefoot all the time...but just feet..ewwww

Wings said...

@marg - i love looking at covers...but even if i were to cover the cover (lol) it would still have to come out of the cover eventually to go on the shelf...just looking at it on the shelf is bad enough.

Kah Woei said...

Funny! But its got me thinking. I can't remember but I wonder if I've ever stayed away from a book because of its cover. Hmmm...

Little Miss Becky : ) said...

Aw, you're definitely missing out on the Dark Divine series! Here's an idea...get hardcovers and just take the covers off. I actually kind of like the simplicity of uncovered books (not more than covers, but still)with their just plain covers with the title in pretty font on the side. :) For a step further, have boyfriend go buy them and take the covers off before he gives them to you! Problem solved! :)

(Bookish)InABox said...

That's how I feel about feet too...but I sucked it up for The Dark Divine. It was worth it. :-)

Enbrethiliel said...


Oh, man! This is really funny. I've seen the cover of The Dark Divine dozens of times before this and never really noticed the toes before. LOL! Thanks for the laugh, Wings!

PS--Word verification: comedi!

Alessandra @Out of the Blue said...

Geez. I actually sort of like having my feet gently held and tickled. Never had a foot massage? They're very relaxing.

Irena @ This Miss Loves to Read said...

haha, funny and cute!
Maybe you could wrap the covers with feet in paper.;)

lanna-lovely said...

I hate feet too - really, if I didn't need mine to walk I'd find some way to get rid of them.

Feet with socks or shoes (as in, proper shoes, flip flops and sandals don't count) don't bother me... but naked feet *shudders*

I hate feet on covers, but if the summary is appealing enough then I'll look past it.

Lily Child said...

Hahahaha!!! That is hilarious! :P

MissAttitude said...

I feel the same way! The Dark Divine sequel cover isn't as bad becuase you can't see the toes but I absolutely can't stand bare feet on covers and I don't like people touching my feet. It grosses me out *shudders* I'm scanning my bookshelf and as I suspected, I have no covers with feet.

The summary has to be beyond fantastic for me to read about a book with feet. And that has yet to happen ;)

I admit though, my feet are kind of odd so maybe that's why?

FionaChan said...

maybe you can wrap the cover with something to cover the feet, or print another picture and replace the cover or something. LOL.

Diana Dang said...

LOL! This reminds me of a girl that I sort of knew 2 years back and she hated feet. I don't remember her name but I definitely remember how she hated feet!


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