Friday, July 16, 2010

Weekly Question: Do you need quiet when you read?

Monday's Question of the Day is hosted by Eleni at La Femme Readers

When you're reading do you need a quiet environment to focus or can you read through a natural disaster?

My Answer:

It really depends. I can read through a natural disaster, living with my family sometimes you have to, and I read at work as well. But I don't like to. I can block out all the noise and continue being absorbed in a story, hell, people have been trying to talk to me and they thought I was ignoring them...I actually didn't hear them (it was a really good book) but I don't like to read in a noisy environment. Even though that's where most of my reading gets done.

I used to be able to read with music on as well and I liked it. Until, one day during my Guy Sebastian phase I was reading an awesome book. I can't remember the name, I can't remember the author, but I can remember the story and the setting and something about a painting and a dead girl. Every single time I listen to the Guy Sebastian songs I was obsessed with at the time I think of that book and it frustrates me because I can't remember what it was.

So because music started attaching itself to my books, I stopped listening other wise my favourite song which makes me happy, would start making me sad, lonely, excited, angry, on edge and every other emotion that I feel when reading books.

So in short, I can read with the TV on whilst playing the computer, listening to music and telling my brothers to stop fighting (seriously, I can, no sarcasm in that statement) but I don't like to, because I feel that each book deserves my full attention.


Chasidy Jean said...

I too can read through almost anything whether it be extremely loud music, a car rige, or yes brothers fighting. Although like you, I prefer to read in solitude without people around me. It's not that it's a distraction but I do the darnest things when reading. On occasion I've been known to smile, laugh out loud, and even cry. Not those tear-here-tear-there tears, but the sort crying where you're gasping for breath and feel as if your heart breaks. Yes, I tend to get really caught up in emotion.

Loved the post by the way. I can't wait to read more.

Kah Woei said...

For me, it depends on the book. A truly good book lets me read through everything. I get so engrossed I don't even hear if someone's speaking to me.

Alessandra @Out of the Blue said...

Uhm. It depends, but usually I need some quiet when reading. Not total silence, of course, but I can't concentrate on a book if there's loud music or loud TV on the background.

Splendibird said...

I can read through absolutely anything, which is handy in a house with small child. I would prefer it to be quiet, but that is all too often impossible. It used to drive my mother mad as I could become so lost in a book that I would completely ignore everything and everybody about me.

Irena @ This Miss Loves to Read said...

I need silence, and by silence I mean no TV, no loud music and no loud chattering. Otherwise, some sounds are welcome, like the sound of nature: crickets in the meadows and such. Total silence is a bit disturbing.;)

Steph said...

I really love to read with music... Usually in my room with my favorite playlist turned down low. I can also read with the T.V. on but it has to be on low. I really don't like reading in total silence, but I have been know to forget my music is playing when the story is really good. Thats when I know I have found a truly amazing book!


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