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Book Review: Blue Bloods by Melissa De La Cruz

Review: Blue Bloods
Series: Blue Bloods – Book 1
Author: Melissa De La Cruz
No of Pages: 302
Release Date: 27 March 2007


And they rule Manhattan from the trendy uptown clubs to the downtown boutiques. Fifteen-year-old Schuyler Van Allen has never quite fit in at her exclusive prep school – she’s more of a vintage than a Versace girl – but that’s all about to change...

Because Schuyler has just found out she’s a Blue Blood. The Blue Bloods are the city’s glamorous and secret vampire elite. They’re young, beautiful and powerful. But now they’re being murdered. And Schuyler must find out who – or what – is behind it, before she’s next.

My Thoughts:

Gossip Girl meets Twilight, and dies.

Blue Bloods follows the lives of the New York teen socialite scene, that scene being full of vampires. Primarily focusing on Schuyler Van Allen, a fifteen year old girl whose family was once powerful, but is now poor, both her parents have died and she is being raised by her Grandmother.

After finding out she is a Blue Blood, Schuyler also finds out that the Blue Bloods are being killed off, and not in a it’s-ok-because-we-will-regenerate-later-on kind of a way, but in a dead-and-not-coming-back way.

Blue Bloods had a suck you in element that made you want to keep reading, but now that I think back to what I felt during and after reading it, well, I’m not entirely impressed.

Why? Because the characters were under-developed and changed too much, Schuyler was completely unlikeable and a lot of the concept was just confusing. No one is really related because they are all actually fallen angels who are trying to get back to heaven because it is their “right”, oh and twins are in love with each other.

What absolutely killed Schuyler for me was not only the fact that she “dressed like a street urchin” but was still beautiful underneath (please), but she was actually filthy in the way that she “hadn’t washed her hair in a few weeks anyway”. I’m sorry, but eww, and she was picked to be a model looking like that? Hello, unrealistic. And of course, she is the only one who can solve the mystery of who is killing the Blue Bloods, because no one else is capable...uh-huh.

The characters reactions were forced and they were all a little too superficial for being so old, they didn’t care about the right things, only who was going to the next party and what they should wear.

The name dropping was atrocious and the wrong things were described. I’m sorry but I don’t care about what the nuts at the table looked like. Sure New York is pretty, but I’m not an architect, and I don’t care about the swirling on a fence that has nothing to do with anything.

But is this the next Twilight? Because even now as I describe all the wrongness, I want to go back, yet I don’t know why. Maybe I’m hoping Schuyler will die.

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Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

Not at all sure if I'll read this one, but your review did peaked my curiosity.

Dazzling Mage said...

Lol, great review. Felt exactly the same way. Except I really don't want to go back. =P


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