Monday, August 30, 2010


That shall be my view for the next six weeks! (and no, that photo is in no way enhanced...the water actually looks like that!)

What does that mean for the blog?

Well, posting will still occur but will be erratic, hopefully with my mounds of free time and a possible internet connection I will still be able to post, but this is a family getaway, so I am expected to socialise as well.

Reading wise:
I have been restricted with the amount of books I am allowed to take :( so I had to take this into my own hands and pad my suitcases with books unbeknowenst to my mum. So far I have packed in:

  • Just After Sunset by Stephen King
  • The Host by Stephanie Meyer
  • Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs
  • Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs
  • Night Rising by Chris Marie Green
  • Bleed for Me by Michael Robotham
  • The Laughing Corpse by Laurell K Hamilton 
  • Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K Hamilton
  • Circus of the Damned by Laurell K Hamilton
  • The Birthing House by Christopher Ransom 
But I still have my legitimate book bag to fill! So I need to decide which books I need to take with me, suggestions are appreciated and welcome.

Also on the going list is:
  • Need by Carrie Jones
  • Lament by Maggie Steifvater 
  • Darkborn by Alison Sinclair
  • Interview With the Vampire by Anne Rice
New Books:
  • Lover Revealed by J. R. Ward
  • Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready
    I think I am going to try and take about 10 more - hey! six weeks is a long time! - I have worked out that with four days of car travel, that's four large books for each of those days plus an additional book for every second day after that.

    8 travel days in total = 8 books
    6 weeks = 42 days - 8 (for travel) = 34/2 = 17 books
    17 + 8 = 25 books total

    I can make all of that fit somewhere, I will stick to the smaller adult novels so I can pack more in culling my TBR to 11 more books that I want to take...

    I will add to the list as I decide...


    Sarah said...

    I'm so jealous - that water looks wonderful & makes me want to dive into the picture!!! I hope you have a fab time hun :o) Make sure you take lots of pictures & post them on here when you can so I can turn completely green with envy LOL.

    Sarah said...

    See that picture is so pretty it completely distracted me from the all important topic of books! It looks like you've got a good selection already lined up but what about taking a few of the BDB books so the brothers can keep you company?

    I'm not sure what you've got on your TBR pile but I'm completely with you on needing to make sure you have plenty of books packed. Who needs clothes anyway? LOL

    I'll look forward to hearing all about your trip & what reading you get done :o)


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