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Book Review: Lucifer's Daughter by Eve Langlais

Review: Lucifer’s Daughter
Series: Lucifer’s Daughter – Book 1
Author: Eve Langlais
No of Pages: 79
Release Date: 9 August 2010

Hi, I’m Muriel, the only white sheep in a sea of black ones, and a virgin to boot. I am determined to wait for love, but my dad, more commonly known as Lucifer, just wants me to stop being an embarrassment. I’m hoping the hunk that I met in my bar will turn out to be the one–just looking at him makes my insides melt like marshmallows over the coals of hell, but trusting is hard when it seems everyone I get close to ends up trying to kill me.

Not only am I dealing with an extreme case of lust, there’s a new threat in hell, one my dad says to ignore. Something easier said than done since it seems everywhere I turn demons are trying to kill me. But I’m okay with that, because one thing I’ve learned being a princess of hell is that sometimes I have to grab a demon by the horns and slap it around a bit.

A rebellion in hell, demon assassins and scorching kisses, could my life get any more interesting?

My Thoughts:
I absolutely loved Lucifer’s Daughter, although the dialogue was hard to get around at times.

Muriel is the virgin daughter of Satan who runs her own bar and has a few special powers under her belt. When three good looking strangers walk in one night, you can just tell trouble isn’t far behind and sure enough those three and especially one in particular worm their way into her life.

Muriel was absolutely hilarious and definitely one of my favourite characters this year. She is sassy, smart and had hell hounds for pets when she was growing up. Muriel also has some powers thanks to being the spawn of Satan, her powers were only lightly brushed over in Lucifer’s Daughter but I love how she has to “charge up” so to speak, by having sex.

Auric I really didn’t like because he refused to tell Muriel anything about himself. He was completely dishonest with her in the beginning and always dodged answering her questions about where he was from. Sure it was obvious why he had to do so towards the end of the story but it still made me dislike him as a character for being so evasive. His hotness factor only partially made up for the lies personally I preferred his werewolf friend.

Although this was a shorter story and Muriel was the main character so many funny characters were also packed into Lucifer’s Daughter which I absolutely loved. Bambi the super-slag was Muriel’s succubus sister, Satan was hilarious as a father and his best friend Death cropped up from time to time to drink at Muriel’s bar and complain about how his son wasn’t very good at the family business.

The only thing that really takes away from Lucifer’s Daughter – aside from Auric's dishonesty – is the dialogue. It was extremely forced and awkward to read almost like a really bad old time sitcom, there wasn’t much that didn’t sound like an overused cliché or just abnormal to say.

Things like when Satan says: “I think I’ll have to go ask my brother, God, if he’s heard anything about this.”

Aside from the dialogue Lucifer’s Daughter had me laughing out loud at the hilarity of the situations Muriel was put in and really had me asking what was so bad about going to hell anyway especially if I can get with Auric’s werewolf friend the way Muriel and Auric got together.

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