Monday, January 24, 2011

My Two Cents: Migraines....Headaches of Evil!

To put you in the picture of how monumental this headache was, I can't even look at the picture above even now (4 days later) without having to turn away because it hurts my head.

Migraines I don't reckon can be fully appreciated until you have one....and believe me it is a life experience everyone can do without. I had my first official, bona-fide migraine on Tuesday. I couldn't look at a computer screen or bear the sunlight - omg I am finally turning into a vampire! - I felt sick on the stomach and couldn't lift my head past a certain point.

By Wednesday, I couldn't bear any light at all. The light on my phone when it lit up...even when my eyes were closed was too much. I walked around like a blind person all Wednesday and after going to the doctors and been given some awesome massive yellow pills, I was also being knocked out for four hours at a time.

So I get two days - at least - off work from the doctor. Usually I would be cheering...sickness for me has always come with the promise of books. No matter how much pain I'm in or how sick I feel I can always read. It is how I survive every sickness. Up until now.

Migraines in some people also knock out your vision. Everything is blurry on top of being too bright. So for the first time in my life....I couldn't read whilst I was sick.

Tuesday and Wednesday were two of the most boring days of my life. Sitting in a dark room facing away from the television and the only amusement? Turning the Audio-visual on for the scant few DVDs that I own which actually have the function - The Incredibles and Sky High...wooo.

So seeing as how this may become a regular occurance (we are hoping not, but you know...) looks like I need to invest in some more DVDs that have Audio-Visual.

And for the Audio-book suggestion that will inevitably come...too expensive and too much concentrating for the amount of pain caused by the most evil headache ever.


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