Monday, June 28, 2010

What I've Been Doing Lately...

Close to NOTHING!!!

I am on holidays from tech until July 19th. So the only thing keeping me busy is work and my boyfriend.

Here is what I had planned to do:
  • Start a new novel idea
  • Make a dent in Mount TBR
  • Write the 7 or so reviews that I have been putting off FOREVER
  • Schedule another months worth of posts 
What have I done? Jack...

I have recently games.

Ever heard of Wedding Dash? It's done by PlayFirst and sold through Big Fish Games.

In a week I have finished all three currently released games, and reached expert level on every level. As well as topped my high score for the Endless Reception about five times each. So if my maths is still functioning that's 150 weddings planned and accomplished plus the obsessive need for each wedding to be at expert level so really 300 weddings...

That is what I have been doing for a week. I haven't even been reading much! I stopped myself from reading during study time and haven't really picked up again. Sure I read at work, late at night sometimes but it isn't the nagging need it usually is until I get into the book again.

I really think it's only because I can work under stress. Unless I have a billion deadlines and no time to do anything I won't do anything...which is so dumb, and yet so me.

So although I have been posting regular reviews...they were all written in May. I will have to drag myself away from time management games for tonight and get my reviewing butt into gear.

After that though....Diner Dash here I come!!!


Teddyree said...

hahaha this made me laugh. I'm hooked on Diner Dash and I love my Virtual Villages and now I'm definitely going to check Wedding Dash. Thanks for enabling my latest obsession LOL

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

I seriously went through a Diner Dash phase and had to move faster faster..... I am very competitive even if it is against my own score :)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! I love games like this, on the big fish website I always download the 1 hour trials of the games, but then I want to buy all of the full versions!

Aleksandra said...

I loved both games & all sequels, but you should try Cake Mania & Delicious! Also, if you want to laugh Monsters vs. Zombies is awesome game! You just reminded me that I haven't play any game for months :)


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