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Book Review: The Vampire Queen's Servant by Joey W. Hill

Review: The Vampire Queen’s Servant
Series: Vampire Queen – Book 1
Author: Joey W. Hill
No of Pages: 373
Release Date: 3 July 2007

Lady Elyssa Amaterasu Yamato Wentworth is a thousand-year-old vampire in need of a new servant – now more than ever as she’s suffering the signs of a mysterious ailment that threatens to consume her. As a gift she’s been given Jacob, an extraordinary physical specimen, but all wrong when it comes to being...used. A total alpha male, he’s not accustomed to submitting to any woman’s wishes.

Lyssa soon learns that what really binds Jacob to her are not her sensual midnight hungers, but something far more provocative. It stirs her blood, renews her life, and awakens her soul like only true love can. And the passion between Lyssa and Jacob is about to yield something else unexpected – a shared history that reaches back through the centuries and is fated to challenge their destiny like nothing ever will again...

My Thoughts:

Although I really enjoyed this story, I wouldn’t call it Hardcore BDSM as it has been coined.

The Vampire Queen’s Servant follows the tale of The Vampire Queen, Lyssa and Jacob her newest prospective human servant. Jacob was sent by Thomas, Lyssa’s previous servant who got to know Jacob in the final months of his life.

Lyssa is originally wary of Jacobs’s prescience as she doesn’t feel she can go on living after Thomas’s death and therefore doesn’t feel the need to get close to another servant. Jacob persists though, through everything Lyssa puts him through he continues to be there and be strong.

Lyssa is an interesting character, she is in a way broken and yet she finds a way to continue on day after day. She is definitely very strong and very stubborn refusing to show weakness even after getting a very degenerative disease.

Jacob on the other hand gets what he’s supposed to do, but throws a lot of it out the window to favour looking after Lyssa instead of just serving her as she pleases. They get on each other’s nerves and are constantly try to make the other give in, yet they are both as stubborn as each other.

The themes in Vampire Queen’s Servant weren’t really as BDSM as I expected after hearing various reviews. I found it more to be a love story rather than a master/slave situation. Yes there definitely were slave issues but it was clear that if Jacob really didn’t want to do something he would either just not, or Lyssa wouldn’t force him.

She started out very hard on him, chaining him down but by the end they were more companions rather than servant and mistress. Jacob truly cares a lot for Lyssa and only wants her to be happy and well. Lyssa we could see started feeling the same way for Jacob even though she tried to keep herself composed and Queen-like.

Although it was very romantic, Jacob still was a slave and he was treated like one, especially in front of other vampires. Even though Lyssa could see Jacobs discomfort she pushed him into a situation he didn’t want to be in involving two other women. But Jacob submitted and they both knew that if he didn’t she would be seen as weak.

Lyssa forced Jacob to come to terms with things about himself sexually, that he never would have realised. She didn’t break him but he did change his way of thinking although still retaining most of his Irish charm and bravado.

The Vampire Queen’s Servant was definitely a hot read, but it was also very romantic which for me was a nice surprise at the time. I definitely can’t wait to delve deeper into Lyssa’s world and see where her and Jacob’s relationship goes.

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