Friday, September 24, 2010

When procrastination prevails... faithful readers (you) are rewarded with crap like this.

Currently I have 8 reviews I could be writing, a business plan that I should be writing and a mass of posts that need to get done at some point in time.

And yet here I am drivelling away on all I'm supposed to be doing, yet not actually doing any of it. Productive I am not, but good at finding excuses? That I can do.

I had a dream last night that when I got back from my holiday I had an exam (which I do) that I hadn't studied for (which I haven't) and so I crapped my pants and was thinking about excuses that I could come up with....

(an hour later after playing a board game, no BS I seriously left it and came back...I can't even write a post about procrastinating while procrastinating!) get me out of having to do the test that night.

Just as I was thinking up a lovely excuse about recent Queensland floods and my text books drifting out to sea unexpectedly whilst simultaneously fretting about a sick relative and my cat who had started talking and was suicidal,

a team of photographers poured into the room and although I hid from the limelight, scrunching up to the side of the room behind everybody, they picked me out (hey, it was a dream!) to go do an immediate photoshoot in a tower.

For some reason it had a Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair feel tossed in with a little bit of Lady Gaga fashion.

During which I walked out to go to the loo (of all places) in my underwear.

The bathroom was dual sex (either that or I walked into the mens - which wouldn't be the first time) and sitting in the middle of the doorway was a bunch of guys that I used to know at school, one of which used to have a crush on me (which I didn't reciprocate).

So there I was sitting on the loo (it was a typical high school or public toilet, water everywhere and everything was concrete)
with everybody waiting outside (no pressure), finishing up I had to all but fight my way out (not easy in a tiny toilet block), once getting outside Mr. Crushing-On-Me follows me out and hands me two strawberry yoghurty, ice-cream drink things that actually look really nice and we both just stand there eat-drinking as we watch clouds cover the setting sun in preparation of a storm.

All of this taking place whilst I was still in my undies, wanted at a photo-shoot and missing an exam.

When I woke up I was both hungry, and in need of a pee.

Hopefully something as equally eventful as my dream occurs on the night of my exam...only I hope I will be fully clothed.


And there you have it, what happens when I'm supposed to be studying.


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