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Character Interview: Julie from the Blend Trilogy by Lori Pescatore

So today we have a very special guest, Julie - the main character from the Blend Trilogy - has kindly agreed to an interview. The wonderful Lori Pescatore conducted that interview and has let us have a look see as to what Julie had to say. 

Having a tendency to frequently talk to my own characters I can fully understand how these interviews come about...

Take it away Lori & Julie!


Lori: Hello, my name is Lori Pescatore. I am the author of Human Blend and the newly released sequel, Earth Blend. I have with me today one of the characters from the novel, Julie. Julie, thanks for stopping by.

Julie: Thanks for having me.

Lori: Julie is not your real name, correct?

Julie: Well it is now. I used to go by the name Laney.

Lori: Can you tell the readers why you changed it?

Julie: My childhood was very troublesome. I was kidnapped at a young age and raised in an organization of very bad people. After years of torture and abuse I was able to escape. I changed my identity so the men I had ran from would not be able to find me.

Lori: They did find you, though.

Julie: Yes. I am still upset with myself. So many other lives were put in danger. I was selfish when I involved other people in my new life.

Lori: You were taken because of your special abilities. Can you tell us what those abilities are?

Julie: I don't really like talking about them. I would rather just be normal.

Lori: In the beginning of Human Blend, you had no idea how or why you were able to do the special things you could do. By the end, you found out a lot more than you anticipated. How are you dealing with the new-found information?

Julie: I'm dealing with it as best as I can. I can't undo how I came to be. All I can do is try and live with the facts of about who I am. I am doing my best to be as human as possible.

Lori: You have a lot of people who want to help you live your life.

Julie: I really want to be independent and make a life for myself on my own. It is not that I am ungrateful for all the wonderful people who want to help me, it is more of something I need to prove to myself. I need to prove I can take care of me.

Lori: Let's talk about Austin.

Julie:What about him?

Lori: You began a relationship with him early on despite your own desire to keep people at bay. A lot of readers feel your relationship developed too quickly given your past. How do you feel about that?

Julie: I really did not want to get involved with anyone, although my actions said otherwise. It is hard to explain. It seems the more I try and keep a distance from people, the more drawn to them I am. Does that make sense? I feel I am unable to be by myself. Maybe I am just selfish. I was able to block the trauma I went through. So much so that I missed warning signs early on of my impending trouble.

Lori: Let's talk about Eli.

Julie:What about him?

Lori: He is an Earthling, a creature created by the Earth to help protect her. He tried to protect you.

Julie: Yes, and now he is set to be punished. I'm very upset about it. I should be the one to be punished, not him.

Lori: What is your relationship with him?

Julie: I don't know what you mean.

Lori: It is a simple question. How do you feel about him?

Julie: I care about him, deeply.

Lori: Is there more to it than that?

Julie: Can we talk about something else?

Lori: Okay. What can you tell readers about Earth Blend?

Julie: It answers a lot of questions about the beginnings of my people and Eli's. I think readers will like having that background information. A lot happens in this edition. Some good, some very bad.

Lori: Thank you, Julie, for stopping by.

Julie: You are welcome. I hope the readers enjoy Earth Blend.


Thank you so much Lori and of course to the wonderful Julie for taking the time to come on StoryWings today. My review of Earth Blend will be going up tomorrow so you can see what I have to say about this series.


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