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Bookie Brunch: Buyer or Borrower?

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The question under discussion: Are you a book buyer or a book borrower? Why?
Related topics to consider: Do you lend books or are you too possessive? Do you buy books after borrowing them if you like them?

Taking a sip of my Lemon and Lychee Iced Tea I ponder this and say: I am definitely a book buyer. I have a hard time letting go of any of my books...even the ones I hate! I am steadily running out of space as it is but I can never let a book go. I loved the library as a kid, but I hated returning books. So much so that my favourite books at the library I have now bought to add to my collection.

I am definitely a shameless book hoarder and have no qualms in admitting it, I tried doing tours when I first started blogging but could never stand the idea of not keeping the book and sending it on to someone else! So I quit those and went on endless book buying sprees, I can't read fast enough to keep up with myself...but that doesn't deter me.

I am also proudly selfish, I don't lend books...ever. I lent a book to an ex of mine and it took a year to get it back, I lent a book to a friend once and never saw it again (guess who isn't my friend anymore). The ones I do get back have pages bent, stains and what looked suspiciously like snot once. These are all adequate reasons I think to be adamant about not lending books. This doesn't bother me, none of my friends are readers, neither are my family so I never have to worry about them wanting to borrow books.

Jazmin licks some cream off her chocolate java-ship mocha with caramel whipped cream and says: I'm more of a book borrower from my local library because if the book has two opposite reviews ( I LOVED it, I WAS REPULSED BY IT and that's usually almost a butt-load of books) then I want to be sure that the book is good to be part of my awesome-sauce bookshelf because that place is a holy place. You don't mess with it. "Am I possessive of books?" I will admit, am a bit of a book hogger and absolutely seethe at the idea of lending any of my books (but don't worry, I'm a good person.. sometimes) but I always  think it's nice to share an awesome book with a friend if they wanted it but never have the time to buy them.

Emma, who is on her second double shot latte, chips in with: I think I am both, there are just so many amazing YA books about that I couldn't possibly afford to buy them all. I have some amazing book buddies that willing share their books with me and I with them.

I absolutely adore buying new books, it is an addiction, a compulsion even.

I love pretty covers, I have absolutely no will power and have to have them on my shelf. If you have seen my blog you will know that one of my catch-phrases is BOOKS MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER :D

I used to tend to lend to only people I trust with my personal collection. I still do with books that have personal meaning to me or ones I have yet to read. Since becoming a librarian in a secondary school and taking my books in there for he pupils I have had to let some things go but they do tend to think I am on the psychotic nagging side when it comes to returning and looking after books.

I also help run UK Book Tours and send quite a few of my personal copies off on tour as I really believe in sharing the book love.

Alex stirs some cinnamon syrup into his latte and adds: Oh Ebay how I love you, let me count the ways...

I used to live in my local library and wouldn't leave until I had the maximum number of books allowed under my arm ready to be devoured and then I started working. And oh my goodness I suddenly had spending money. And then I became a book buyer. I admit that nothing quite matches that happy little lift that I get when the door bell goes and I know it is the postman with a pretty little package for me. Not that getting a book from the library or borrowing one from a friend isn't great but you have to give it back eventually.

Lea dips some cake into her decaf coffee and says: I am a compulsive book buyer.

Why? Well, probably because I'm addicted to romance novels and a total glommer. I read a review of a book or see a recommendation and want it. I also have favorite authors that are autobuys.

I will lend to close friends who I know will treasure my books and return them to me. I don't usually borrow books because I have too many of my own in the TBR. However if I love and e-book and a paperback is released I will usually buy that, especially if it is a keeper.

After finishing her peppermint latte and being served her hazelnut latte and a toasted mozzarella panini Sarah closes with: I'd definitely consider myself a book buyer, I just can't seem to stop myself and am always buying more of them! I keep putting myself on buying bans but they never seem to last for very long lol. There are just so many amazing books out there that I want to read and I don't think I'll ever catch up. Although I buy a lot of books I still love my local library, it's a great way of trying new to me authors or books I'm curious about but have seen some not so great reviews of. It also helps me stick to my buying ban, I can go and browse though the shelves there if I'm missing book shopping and they always have something that catches my eye.

I lend my books to friends and family all the time, in fact I think I've become their personal library and everyone always browses through my shelves when they come to visit. I have lost a lot of books over the years where people didn't return them though so now I have a spreadsheet so I know what people have borrowed. I don't mind if they take months to return it but I do want the books back eventually. I know some people who get stressed if the spines on their books get creased but that doesn't worry me, I like my books to be read - that's the whole point of them. For me there is nothing better than recommending a book I love to someone and having them come back to me and tell me that they enjoyed it too. That's probably one of the things I love most about being a reviewer, getting to chat to people about books we've both loved :o)

If I borrow a book and really love it then I usually do end up buying a copy myself, I started reading Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress series from the library but now own them all. I don't have enough space to display all the books I own now though (a lot of them are in boxes in my Dad's loft!) so I will only buy something I've already read if it's an amazing book or if I'm getting the chance to meet the author and get a copy signed.

Amanda: Now I don't know about you but after this amusing discussion I'm hungry! So, from one book lover to the next...let them eat cake!
(for anyone wondering this is one of Australia's favourite deserts - Pavlova - it's all eggs and sugar so if you are allergic to either...more for me!)

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“Here. In Italy.”
I rolled my eyes and whimpered.
“I think we could really be happy here.”
“I’m happy here,” I said. “And how could you buy a house without me
even seeing it?”
“I had to move fast. But you’ll see it now. How soon can you get here?”
“The house is over three hundred years old!” she said, as if that were a good thing. “It sits on a hillful of olive trees with a magnificent
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“And that’s something I want to look at?”
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“What about the house? Is that to die too?”
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