Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Yeah so it might be unusual to say happy birthday to your dad on your blog...but hey...since when do I follow rules?

He thinks I forgot this morning, which is partially true because I thought it was December when I woke up, but he didn't know that I had this ready for his birthday...why would he? He doesn't read my blog...

But I just wanted it to be known out there that today is my dad's birthday.

We may not get on all the time but he is one of my favourite people to fight with and will most likely always be my go to guy...for everything. Whether it be the bank, my car, electronics, bills, what the funny stain is on the carpet or to help me fix something I broke, he may not get it done quickly but I know that it will get done.

He's also probably my favourite debating partner...because everytime I have an opinion (deluded or not) about something I can go to him to have a long chat about why it's stupid.

So yeah, in my own messed up way, I love my dad...we just don't say it out loud - I prefer punching him in the gut...



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