Monday, January 4, 2010

Paranormal Reading Challenge!!!

So I got so excited about the contests I was joining that I decided to create my own as well!!!

Here we go!!!

1. The Paranormal Reading Challenge is for anyone who loves reading ANYTHING paranormal!!!
  - Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Ghosts, Angels the scope is pretty big!!!
  - The books can be any sub genre under Paranormal - romance, YA, mystery, etc.

2. The book has to be a book. No free short stories, or writing sites.

3. If you are a blogger please post a link back to this challenge on your page to let others join in the fun.     -Non-bloggers - it's ok, you can join to and you can keep track of your progress by yourself, and post a comment on the wrap-up page, or you can send comments to this page to keep track of your progress.

4. Cross-overs from other challenges are accepted. As are re-reads. Books that were started in 2009 don't count.

5. Challenge starts from 1st January 2010 and ends on 31st December 2010

6. Levels:
  1. Human - 5 books
  2. Witch - 10 books
  3. Oracle - 20 books
  4. Were - 30 books
  5. Vampire - 40 books
  6. Angel - 50 books
7. To officially enter sign up with Mr. Linky below and link to the post on your blog about this contest.
  - Non bloggers to enter you will have to trick Mr. Linky by just putting http://www <<<that way he'll think you have a blog :)

Good Luck everyone and Happy Reading :)


Kirthi said...

Great challenge! Is there a challenge button?

Wings @ said...

Im in the middle of making one...i will send you a link when I'm finished :)

I just wanted to get the challenge out there for the minute, because its a bit of a big ask for those that need time to read books :)

Kara said...

A little late...but just found out about this challenge. I'm in for the Oracle level!!!

Wings said...

Coolies !!!

Its never too late :)

Laura Flanagan said...

I just discover the challenge. I like cause I love paranormal books. it's an original idea about levels!! thanks

Wings said...

Thank you for joining!

Lindsay :) said...

Great challenge! I just found out about your blog and I already like it!


Unknown said...

Hopefully its not to late, I am excited about this one, since it's mostly what I read! :)


Lindsay :) said...

I have a question...If we have already read a paranormal book since the 1st of the year, but just joined the challenge, do we still count that book, or just the books you read once you start the challenge???

Sarah said...

I just found out about this & even though I have already signed up for too many challenges I just can't resist this one! I've already read 12 paranormal books so far this year so hopefully they still count even though I read them before joining the challenge :o)

Wings said...

Just another book addict - yes if you have read any books that are paranormal before you joined..they long as you started them in January 2010 :)

Jenn - its never too late, have fun :)

Sarah - the 12 that you read long as you started them in January 2010 :)

Dren said...

This looks like great fun! Can't wait to get started!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea I've never tried this before but am really looking forward to reading my way to Angel status.

One small question can I list books that we publish or would that make the challenge too easy?

Grilsgood said...

This sounds good. I know I will read amanda Quick/Jayne Krentz or whateer she is calling

porcelaine said...

Count me in at the Human level.

Creative Mind said...

I just discovered this challenge! I believe I will reach the Human Level easily(I have already read 2 books).
My blog is in greek but you can translate it via google translation(or you can ask me to!!)
Great blog by the way!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I had to post my link again as my blog url changed.

Swimmer said...

I'm going to try for a Vampire but could go higher.

Swimmer said...

You have to click on my challenges page.... I think!

Unknown said...

I just signed up for the challenge. Aiming for Angel. LOL.


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