Monday, March 29, 2010

BWB Discussion Questions: The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

1. What did you think of the feud between Puck and Ash? How do you think that might play out in the next two books?

The feud was very interesting, I love the duels and how Puck fights dirty whereas Ash is very noble, if only he would fight dirty he might have a chance at winning. The way the duel came about was a little weak in my opinion, because of a girl? Come on, with the way Puck is it would be believable if he set their Ice Castle on fire. It will definitely play a part in the next two books, provided Puck makes a recovery, which is inevitable.

2.  Favorite scene or line from the book? Could you relate to any of the characters?

I can't relate to them per se, but my favourite character would have to be Grimalkin, who was actually a boy despite the myths. I love all of his lines. I loved Puck in it too, he was hilarious as he is in all the books he crops up in. My favourite scene was actually in the park with the tree people. I don't know but for a second there I could almost smell the trees and the grass. It was a very vivid scene and although it wasn't long, I loved it.

3. With whom did you identify with the most? And Why?

Probably a mixture of Grimalkin with his disdain for stupid people, Ash because of his nobility and Puck because of his sense of humor. Puck the most I think because i love him as a character and because he got the best of both worlds...except for when he was a crow.

4. Did you find the concept behind the Iron King-  being  a technology fueled modern day faerie-  original or unbelievable?

I found the essence of The Iron King to be unoriginal, but the introduction of the Iron Fey to be quite unique even though we don't really see much of them in the story itself. If they play more of a part in the next books, which I'm sure they will, it will get very interesting indeed.

5. Kagawa used a lot of mythical faeries in The Iron King, such as King Oberon, Queen Mab and Puck. Which fae from myth would you have liked to have seen added into the pages of The Iron King besides the ones she used?

I'm actually really over the use of King Oberon and Puck. I like them in A Midsummer Night's Dream and although its fun for them to crop up, it's been done before. Just exploring the fey in general, water nymphs and fire nymphs, they don't have to be famous they just have to be fey and I'm happy.


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