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Book Review: Breaking Down by Maia Kinney-Petrucha & Stefan Petrucha

Review: Breaking Down
Series: Papercut Slices – Book 2
Author: Maia Kinney-Petrucha & Stefan Petrucha
No of Pages: 64
Release Date: 29 March 2011

Contained within the pages of this ghoulishly groovy graphic novel are the complete, unauthorized PARODIES of...nightlight, too soon, ellipses and breaking down.

Together these tales from the complete nightlight saga...the tragic, yet somewhat sparkly and movie-worthy, epic love story between Bleh-Bleh and Fredward. But unlike other silly love stories such as “Romeo and Juliet” that merely featured humans, this unforgettable, this seemingly never-ending yarn is complicated by the fact that Fredward just happens to be a...

No, not a rainbow rider...a vampire. Of course, things get even more complicated, and somewhat creepy, when Bleh-Bleh and Fredward meet J-Bob, a werewolf...

Can a flighty, fickle, female, a self-absorbed blood-sucker and a hapless, hirsute hunk find true happiness together? Or is that a stupid question?

My Thoughts:

Breaking Down was a quick, entertaining if slightly odd parody.

Breaking Down is narrated by Bleh-Bleh’s father Duck. He gives us an update on what’s been happening over the last few years and we get to see in pictures how the story unfolds.

Bleh-Bleh is quite true to her Twilight counterpart, being exceptionally dull and dim-witted. It is emphasised here in her addiction of sticking her tongue in light-sockets “for a buzz”.

Fredward and J-Bob have equal panel time to Bleh-Bleh in this parody and it is made quite obvious who the authors think Bella should have ended up with.

We also get a cast of evil child stars (including appearances by the Rugrats, Stewie and Chuckie), super-heroes and quite well drawn renditions of the Volturi.

What kept me entertained about Breaking Down was that all of the questionable things from the Twilight Saga were brought up and emphasized, including but not limited to: Jacob’s imprinting on a child, Bella’s ability to chose the cold, dead, scrawny guy over the hot, live, nice guy, and Bella’s inability to realise that Edward was a dangerous killer.

Breaking Down was odd, it was not what I am looking for in a parody, when I think parodies I think Disc World series, a parody of life but not outrageously so, there is still a story in front of the comedy. This was an obvious jab at all the atrocities of Twilight, it was a weekend comic put together by Petrucha and his daughter and it was funny, it was light and it was quick.

I have still yet to find a parody that I enjoy without thinking “well, that’s just stupid and obvious”, but Breaking Down was an entertaining read for those of us that have read the Twilight series and who will be able to pick up on the major jokes but also a lot of the subtle and well hidden ones.

Breaking Down was a light, funny and playful approach to the Twilight saga.

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