Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Two Cents: Character Happiness

I have something that has been bugging me of late. Why can’t characters ever be happy in the middle of a book?

I suppose it would get quite boring, but in a way I am boring, and I would like to see some characters find their happiness before the end of the book.

What has brought this on? Well I was recently reading something, and the main character was so happy that I knew instinctively that something was coming to destroy that happiness...probably in the form of her lover dying as it wasn’t a romance novel, it was a fantasy.

It was inevitable really, because she was too happy. Life was working out, she had taken a really bad situation and a really scary one and turned into something that could work. She had found someone that she could love and that loved her dearly. They were planning how they were to work around the obstacles in their way and all was going to be lovely.

But no.

The poor girl had too much, so we had to take it away. Why is that? Is it the only way we can keep things interesting? Either that or the book would have come to an end for a standard HEA. Is it too boring to read about peoples lives after they have found their love?

Would we get jealous? Do we just not want to read about people being happy beyond belief?

I know there are many novels out there that characters do find love early on and it stays that way, then they can take things on together (Cat & Bones anyone?) but there are also many that end once the happiness is found...hence the HEA.

There is never an after though...why?


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