Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's My Birthday!!!

Once again that time of year has rolled around...and yet again it didn't sink in until today this it is my birthday.

20 years old and oh how I have grown up...

I think back to 20 years ago...when I was 0....and well I can't remember much.

I think back to 10 years ago when I was 10 funnily enough and watching "The Mr. Hell Show"

I think back to 5 years ago when I was leaving school and deciding on a career path.

I think back to just 1 year ago when I wasn't really happy or completely with it.

And I think to right now, I am in the best place I can be in, I have finished college, I have a job, a future and a wonderful, beautiful boyfriend.

Life starts at 20?

I have been dreading this day for a longer a teenager...old *shudders*

But really, I am the happiest I have been in a really long time, and I have my family and my books to thank for that. My family has gotten me to where I am today and my books have helped keep me (mostly) sane in the process.

Throughout the years I have always been able to turn to my books, the heroes, the laughs and the tragedy to help compliment or sometimes supplement my current feelings and situations. And it will most likely always be to books that I turn.

I have already treated myself to The Sims 3 Generations and a couple of books. But I may be going on another spending spree soon :D

So I hope you all have a great day...I know I will be :D


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