Monday, June 13, 2011

Guest Post: The Lazy Writer by Missy Jane

Today we have a very special guest in erotic romance author Missy Jane. She is joining me here today as part of her Birthday Blog Tour. Missy Jane's newest book Erotic Images will be published on the 15th which also happens to be Missy's birthday!

Happy Birthday Missy Jane!

I’m a Lazy Writer

Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres and has been for a while. Back when I used to watch TV I loved to watch documentaries on anything historic, and National Geographic is a favorite. So, when I turned to reading romance a few years ago it didn’t take long for me to find regency. I love reading about reformed rakes, marriages of convenience and the ton. I also enjoy reading romances set in the old west and long-lost civilizations. However, you will most likely never see such work published under my name. Why? Because I’m honestly too lazy for that level of research. Oh sure, I don’t mind scouring the web to find the perfect name for one of my characters, down to the earliest known uttering. I’ll even dig up old, dusty books to see if I can find a usable quote to make my characters sound well-read. But ask me to actually research common phrases in Victorian-era England and my eyes glaze over. I just can’t do it.

All I know of ancient times has come from books, movies and television. It amazes me when authors can speak with authority on what type of dress a woman would have worn in the 1700s. I applaud their intelligence and bow to their expertise. I might even use that knowledge in future conversations. However, I’m not going to try to write it into a story. I prefer the here and now, or a fantasy world of my own making where anything I want goes. Whether it’s laziness, fear or just plain stubbornness, it’s the way my writing stands…for now. Of course, I reserve the right to change my habits at any given time.

Do you like historical romance? Have you ever read any type of romance where the author’s knowledge amazed you? Recommend a good read to me based on that in the comments and you’ll be entered to win a prize pack in my Birthday Blog Tour give away. One winner will be chosen tomorrow, but all comments will be entered for the grand prize to be chosen on June 30th on my blog:

Ms. Missy Jane is a paranormal and erotic romance author published through Samhain and Ellora’s Cave.

-Missy Jane
*Make reading a guilty pleasure…*

Thank you so much for your post Missy Jane, and if you would like to contribute a guest post please feel free to follow the link on the left hand sidebar.


Missy Jane said...

Thanks again for having me on your blog today and for the birthday wishes :-)

Brandy W said...

I do love historicals but I'm not too caught up in the details. One of my favorites is my Melissa Schroeder, LESSONS IN SEDUCTION. Its one of my favorite re-reads.

Harlie Reader said...

Happy Birthday and I love historicals. I always have. Wow, love the cover. Damn Jimmy is hot!

Missy Jane said...

Brandy and Harlie, thank you SO much for following along on my blog tour and leaving your comments. I sincerely appreciate it. Since I always hate choosing between just two people, I'm going to leave alone today and give BOTH of you a prize pack!
CONGRATULATIONS! I'll be emailing ya'll shortly. Don't forget, EVERY comment is an entry for the grand prize. Be sure to check out my birthday post tomorrow on my blog, where I interview the hot Jimmy Thomas :-D

Wings said...

Happy official birthday from australia missy jane. Hugs

Wings said...

Happy official birthday from australia missy jane. Hugs

Missy Jane said...

LOL! Thank you :-D

Mara said...

I have to write your dates down so I don't miss my chance at a prize pack!!

Jolene and Family said...

I have a hard time with historical romance. I do read it, once in a while and usually stick to only a few authors who write it and it's usually part of a series. I don't know what it is, I just have a hard time getting into the story. The ones I do read, I love the research the authors go into and it shows in their writing. I love coming away from a book with new information and new knowledge


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