Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is It Just Me?: Succubus Blues by Richelle Mead

Is it just me? Or is this one of the uglier covers out there...

I really liked Succubus Blues, but this cover turned me off it for so long that it was sitting on my TBR pile for nearly a year before I picked it up. I am assuming that this is Georgina Kincaid on the cover...

And I am wondering if that is a real model or a fake one...

If you look closely:
  • The necklace is askew
  • her dress looks drawn on
  • the hair looks painted/smudged on
  • her lipstick has decided to make its own path which doesn't necessarily mean following the line of her lips
  • and shes blue...
It makes me really sad because for people like me - and I know you're hiding out there - seeing this thing calling itself a cover turns me off a book. If i hadn't already been in love with Richelle Mead, I may not have picked this up of my own accord (which is how I still by a good deal of my books).

The newer cover is gorgeous:

But I also see the original as the true cover for the first book in this series. I have grown to like it in it's own little way. But it is still a little cringe worthy if you look too closely.


Book Soulmates said...

I agree that the newer cover is much much better than the original!!

I got a copy of the new version in the mail and I love the book so I want to read the rest of the series, but I refuse to buy the old covers. Besides, I hate to have the series mismatched - lol.


BLHmistress said...

I agree I like the newer cover, if I was in the store and both were beside each other would definitely choose the newer one.

Alice [Small Town Book Blog] said...

Have you seen the UK covers? They show a woman with a bob. I like those. Reminds me of Catwoman for some reason, lo9l!

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

I got sucked in by an international cover (you can see it here on my review page).

I think it is the same one Alice is talking about.

Oh, and I most certainly judge a book by its cover when I am just cruising the bookstore.

Another series that I want to buy the UK covers is the Anita Blake Series.... so much prettier than bare blades.


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