Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Awesome Contests!!!

I can only enter International Contests so these won't happen often BUT if any you have noticed, the people that hold international contests are usually awesome with awesome prizes!

So here goes...

Who: Writer Musings
Deadline: 27 March
Deets: Win The Dark Divine, Possesed, and Clone Codes


Who: Handle Like Hendrix
What: Liar ARC Giveaway
Deadline: 29th March
Deets: Win an ARC of liar - pretty self explanatory really

Who: From Barbies to Words
Deadline: 30th March
Deets: Win 1 of three prize pack of your choice!!!


Who: Book Reviews from Inside an Igloo
Deadline: 31 March
Deets: One lucky winner will win a book of choice from the book depository

Who: Read Into This
Deadline: 31 March
Deets: Win a copy of Dream Girl and an ARC of Dream Life

Who: Read Into This
What: 250 Followers contest
Deadline: 15 April
Deets: 6 books are up for grabs and 3 winners!!

31 Days of Giveaways at I Heart Monster

Who: I Heart Monster
What: Monster Birthday Party
Deadline: 15 April
All the contests need seperate entries.


Who: Bloody Bookaholic
Deadline: 18th April
Deets: It's huge! the international contestants going in the draw to win 7 books!

Parajunkee's 666 Giveaway

Who: Parajunkee's View
What: 666 Giveaway
Deadline: 20 April 
Deets: 2 winners get to pick a book each from either Parajunkee's personal stockpile or book depository..OR an Amazon gift card!


Trollololol said...

Thanks for including me!

Yep I am an Aussie blogger, it is definitely nice to find others!

I'm loving the look of your blog! Look forward to following and learning more about what you read. :)

IanIan said...

Thanks for the infos <3 I can only enter international contests, too. The Book Depository doesn't even ship to where I live, such a GIANT pity :(

Wings said...

Aye.Me? - you're very welcome, ill be adding to this list as i find them :)

Wings said...

Ian Ian - bummer man, ill remember that in future if i hold one of my own :) no book depository

Alyssa Kirk said...

Great contests! Thanks for the heads up! Love a chance to win great books!

Hope you enter ours. It's international too!

Wings said...

i have :) you guys have your own post, but im thinking of putting it on here too

Teddyree said...

Thanks for the heads up, some I've already entered but some new ones to check out.

PS your blog is looking so gorgeous, have you done a makeover??

Wings said...

thank you!!!! parajunkee designed it and yeah i love it!!! nice and bright and fresh :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for compiling some international giveaways! Fortunatle ythe Book Depository ships where I live, but still most of the contests and giveaways are reserved for US residents only.. o thank you! And I agree, your blog looks fantastic! :-)

ninefly said...

thanks for the list! I'm lucky that there are some contests open to Canada, but it's always nice to find definite international giveaways =)


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