Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Teaser Tuesdays - 16/2/2010


Currently Reading: The Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger
"It's a terrific bore"  
"I mean do you hate it? I know it's a terrific bore, but do you hate it, is what I mean."
"Well, I don't exactly hate it. You always have to -"
"Well, I hate it. Boy do I hate it,"

Teaser Tuesday is the brainchild of Should Be Reading


Amanda Makepeace said...

Great teaser! Need to re-read this sometime.

Here's my teaser for The Auralia Thread series.

Aleksandra said...

Funny teaser! I haven't read the book, so I wonder what they hate ;)

Wings said...

AD - yeah this is the first time i have read this, im not too sure how i feel about it

Aleks - hehe yeay! i think that means it worked for once hehe, usually i open to something and its like, well thats pretty obvious...

Sarah said...

Great teaser - I've never actually read this one but I really should do :o)

Mine is here:

Wings said...

i wouldnt recommended it..

its ironic really...how well my random teaser summed up the book...

Bere said...

The teaser sounds good! I haven't read
this one. Can't wait to hear what
you think about it =)


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