Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Discussion Questions: Embers by Laura Bickle

1. So if you had the chance would you have a pet elemental, even with the inconvenience of broken microwaves? Of course I would! I would just have to keep my laptop locked away in a cupboard but if it was anything like sparky, I would have one in a second. I was thinking about other creatures, not just a fire salamander. I was thinking about what could go with the other elements. Some sort of bird for air (duh!) like a hawk or an eagle or even an owl. Earth, hmm that could be anything really a burrowing creature would be good though, like a rabbit. Water is hard because so many creatures have fins, i was thinking maybe a frog, platypus or crab. Fire, I would want a salamander or a serpent, like a massive python would be sooo cool!
2. What did you think about the relationship between, Brian, Anya and Drake?
To be perfectly honest, I think Anya is a cheater, and the only reason Bickle put Brian in a coma was to get him out of the way so that Anya could sleep with Drake, which was pointless, and not have to worry about Brian finding out because oh, how convenient, he's unconscious for half the book. The demon Mimi was right, if Anya loved Brian she wouldn't have jumped in the sack with Drake. 

3. Did the book make you want to visit Detroit or steer clear? 
The book had an air of falseness, I didn't want to visit Detroit in the first place, and I still don't but Embers made absolutely no difference in regards to that decision. 

4. A big part of Embers surrounds paranormal activity and the whole Scooby style system....What do you think of shows like Ghost Hunter, Paranormal State and the such? 
Umm, Ghost Hunter? I will have to youtube that later. The Scooby style ghost hunting would have been good if there was some Scooby style ghost hunting...they did two. One at the start and one so she could end up with Mimi inside her, for the promise of ghost hunting, there wasn't much. 

5. Do you believe in the paranormal world around us or chalk it up to complete fantasy and make believe?
I have always wanted to believe in it, but I think that as much as I would like to, I don't. Sure I want to meet a demon, marry a vampire and have a werewolf as a bestfriend, all the while developing my kickass fighting skills and perfecting my magical powers but I think that now after wishing for so long and even dreaming that my boyfriend told me he was a werewolf, I don't think it's going to happen.
I do however believe in Tarot, Destiny, Spirits and Auras.


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