Friday, April 23, 2010

My Two Cents: Reviewing, it's not a contest!

Reviewing, it's supposed to be fun but it looks like it's turning into a contest, which is sad to be honest because I thought I was joining a community of support.

Reviewing isn't supposed to be stressful, or a contest. We're readers, most people would associate that with being quiet, calm, relaxed people. Not someone who tears their hair out because they haven't posted a review in a whole day or read a book in under two hours.

But it seems the rivalry that some people are placing on book reviewing is going too far. Smack-talk, bullying, plagiarising, gloating and fighting. And it's becoming a problem.

Review books aren't an entitlement when you start a blog, they shouldn't even be on your mind. ARCs are another thing that shouldn't be vied for. Followers, hello mr attention seeker, if you're going to be a twat about getting followers by holding fifty million contests, you don't deserve it.

Blogging, reviewing, reading is all for enjoyment. Hell, I actually came across a blog the other day who admitted it didn't like blogging that much, or even really had time to read! What was the point of starting a book blog then?!?

I think it's time for many people in this community to take a step back and really think about what they're doing and why. If you're doing it for attention, free books, fame and/or fortune then you have come to the wrong place, and stop making everyone else look bad by being greedy little pests and hounding authors all day long.

Jealousy is pointless in a faceless community, our voices are our opinions of the books we read, not how many we have or how many of them are free. I don't get "free books" and I know many who don't, but we seem to be among the happiest, why? Because we haven't created a stress related environment surrounding our hobbies, we do it for fun.

I am not perfect, I know that, I also fell into the trap surrounding the world of blogging when I started. I was putting more time into my blog then I was my work or my study, sometimes I still do, like right now. But I have reigned in the thinking that if I don't do it, I'll get into some sort of trouble or omg! some one might not like me.

People aren't going to not like you if you don't post five times a day, people aren't going to not like you because you have two books that you didn't review straight away. No offence people, but I don't care if you don't post, I don't care if you don't read my posts, because I'm having my fun while I can. I'm reading, and I'm writing about it. Yeah it's nice to be congratulated on a nice looking blog because I put effort into maintaining it and keeping it nice, but pats on the back are not why I'm here, and if that's why you are, maybe you should go back to pre-school so we can have claps for you when you do something right.


Addicted Book Reader said...

Very well put post, good job! I totally agree with a lot of what you said. I put in a lot of time and effort in my blog because I love it, and it's just fun. I feel like blogging has been pretty controversial right now and really hope it all gets better. Hopefully we'll be a happy, fun book blogging community again : )

katie said...

I agree with everything you have to say. I started my blog a year ago because of my love for reading and I am still doing it for the same reason. I try to post often but I'm not gonna freak out if it doesn't happen. School and my life are more important than my blog but my blog is a big part of me too. I love doing it and I will continue to do it because of that. I am sad about everything crazy that is going on in the book blogging community but it doesn't affect me so I am just going to leave it alone.

Great post!

Lori said...

Very cool post. I couldn't agree more. It should be fun and I am all about having fun. I don't see why someone would want to blog or read if it wasn't fun, although I can't imagine someone thinking reading wasn't fun, unless they were reading something like self help manuals or something boring like that. :P I digress....

I don't think having a competitive nature is a bad thing, as long as it is used constructively and to better ones self. Hell, I am a competitive bitch a times, I am Okay with that. But, I don't do it for anyone but me. I don't contact Authors, I have never done an Interview, Giveaway, or asked for ARCs. I buy my books for the most part and review them at my own pace. I do it for me...although I confess, I do like the fact that what I have to say on my blog interest other people. I have met some cool friends who share a common interest as me that way.

As far as people liking me, meh... Like me, don't like me...There is nothing I can do but be myself. I don't need to put on airs, high school ended for me a long time ago.

Cool Post.

A Simple Love of Reading said...

Great post! I am new to the blogging community and sometimes forget that I started this for my own amusement rather than for someone else, I got sucked into that whole "OMG! I have very little followers and NO comments being left!" But I'm getting better at saying "Meh..this is for me when i need a break from 'the real world'!"

Kelsey said...

I enjoyed reading your posts and agree with what you said: it's not a contest, bloggers...just relax!

DarkWyrmReads said...

You don't mind when I don't post? OMG! I've been posting daily for nothing :oP

Seriously, I know exactly what you mean. I personally haven't ran into any attitudes like that, but have heard/read some horror stories.

ARC's are nice and I enjoy chatting with authors and helping promote their books...but it's done because I do enjoy it.

I don't know about everyone else, but I don't get paid for the book blog gig. It's done out of a combined passion for reading and writing...and people who don't get that really need to back away from their keyboards and take a couple of deep breaths ;o)

Cleverly Inked said...

Since recently quitting my job I have had more time on my hands so it gives me a chance to get some fun in (reading( But before I think I was able to post 2 reviews a week. At my own pace.

I really enjoy book blogging. I gives me a way to escape reality.

I have not really seen a lot of negativity about competing with each other. I do see a lot of unity. I have met a bunch of great people. I feel a sense of belonging.

Wings said...

Cleverly Inked: can i come join your group then please lol, because alot of the people i follow bitch whinge and worry about ARCs review copies and followers.

It gets quite annoying after a while lol.

dArLyN said...

jealous? well, i never think of that until i read this. i dont think i'm jealous with other book bloggers.well maybe there's nothing to be jealous of me.i'm just being myself, write anything i feel like doing and i'm happy with it. i read other people's view because i love to know what they think and it's fun to share or having something different of what i like or dislike.shame on people who has jealousy at wrong people, wrong time and wrong place.

love your saying anyway *wink2*

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it's unfair you criticise others like this. Weren't you one of those people heralding contests to gain more followers? That 49 followers contest that ended in 350+? Whoever said you did not take advantage of this getting-more-followers-by-setting-up-followers-only-giveaway? We can't label someone attention seeker when you've been part of exactly the same system. I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm saying: THINK.

Sorry, but to me, you sound jealous, because even if they don't post more book reviews, they get more followers. Again I'm not saying I'm right, I'm just saying: CONSIDER.

I think you should have considered more before posting this. You are entitled to it though, and so am I in my opinion.

lanna-lovely said...

I completely agree. I wasn't even aware of all the other book blogs there were when I first started my blog, it was just because I always talked about books on my personal blog so I wanted to keep the book stuff seperate and I had a bunch of online friends who loved to read too, so I started up a blog with them.

I admit, I care about how many followers we have... because it's nice to know there are people that read our blog, but I'd still post even if I had no followers.

I do kind of feel bad when I don't post a review for ages, but that's less about trying to keep up with other bloggers and more annoyance at myself for not finding the time to read more (because I buy A LOT of books, I should be reading the ones I've got before getting new ones... but it's an addiction - at least it's healthier than drugs or alcohol *adjusts halo*).

ARC's are awesome too, but I've never really set out to get them (I'm just not comfortable doing that, aside from entering contests), I have had some but it's because the publisher/publicist/author has contacted me and I only accept the ones I'm interested in reading. It bothers me seeing some of the jealous people getting bitchy at people like Kristi from The Story Siren because she gets a lot of ARC's (especially because I doubt she asks for all of them, publishers send some unexpectedly and when that's happened with me, I've felt really bad when I didn't want to review/read some of the ones they sent me - can't imagine how Kristi would feel when she gets that many, it'd be a bit overwhelming).

And I'm rambling again, I have got to stop doing that in comments, it's why I don't comment often. My comments end up rivalling the length of the post. *facepalm*

Sabrina (about happy books) said...

Great post!
I only follow blogs with a positive attitude and bloggers who really seem to love reading and sharing their favourite books with others.


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