Monday, April 5, 2010

Reviewers: Is it really the good life?

Book reviewers, we love to read and most of us had the awesome idea of, well if I'm going to be reading anyway, why not review as I go?

But do reviewers really have everything they wanted? Reading all the great books out there, some even for free!

The basic truth of it is though, as reviewers get bigger, get requests, join tours, recieve ARCs, it's inevitable that we are going to read something we don't like, right?

I haven't really had that problem, because I am still pretty small...until this month. When it came to picking a favourite for the months past, it was a hard decision, not because of all the awesome books, just which one of the so-so books that I read this month really deserved it? There wasn't really a book that "spoke" to me this month, that moved me in such a way that i felt a changed person after i read it. Sure there was a Jeaniene Frost book in there that got five stars, but even so, it wasn't a moving to the point where emotion was shown or in some previous cases, moving to the point of life-changing epiphanies being induced *ahem*Going Too Far*ahem*.

So yeah, we get to read daily, but I think as time goes on, we're reading more, exposed to more, and in some cases being requested for more. What does the ratio end up becoming between awesome books, good books and bad books?


bookaholic said...

This is a post that requires much rumination... I don't think I am equipped with the right answer at the present moment. Sorry :(

Sarah said...

I'm still at the stage where I buy most of my books or borrow them from the library. I have been very lucky & started received review books most of which have been ones I would have picked up anyway. There have been a couple of books that aren't really my type of book & I'm struggling to read them - I feel obliged to finish them as they were sent as review copies but I'm not enjoying them.

I can understand now that people who receive a lot of review books might end up reading less of the books they really want to read which could end up taking away the enjoyment of reading. I think it's important to make sure you still mix in books that you want to read along with the ones you've got for reivew

Alyssa Kirk @ Teens Read and Write said...

Sometimes I think it was better when we just picked what we wanted to read and weren't getting any requests for reviews. In the beginning we accepted anything but now we've become pickier and just accept the urban fantasy/paranormal stuff. We know that genre better anyway and can give better reviews.


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