Saturday, October 16, 2010

Last Stop: Crazy Town

Methinks that I may have finally cracked...why you ask? Because I own all of the Vampire Academy books in paperback, but in my eagerness to get my hands on the fifth book I bought it in Hardcover (I hate Hardcover books) now I want the paperback.

Why is this such a problem? Because I already own two harcover copies and a paperback would cost about as much as one of those in Australia to get the paperback...

But I can't stand that they don't all match...

Yes, I have officially checked into crazy town.

Same goes for the Anita Blake series, not as bad but still a little bit sad...see I have what I call the torture version

Which wasn't even what I really wanted, but now i have grown to love them. I got them from Book Depository some months ago and when i pottered back yesterday to get the next few books I couldn't find any torture device covers...

Only these:

Which was the original version that I wanted...but now if i get these...they won't match.

Yes, it's finally official...I have lost my marbles.


Marg said...

I buy all my books from Book Depository, which means that we get US/UK prices. Much cheaper to buy books that way.

Doesn't stop the crazies, but does make it more affordable!

Sabrina said...

I feel your pain. I also don't like it when books in a series don't match.
Book Depository is really a great way to get your books, I'm also lucky because we have a German amazon.


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