Monday, October 18, 2010

When the Slump attacks...

15 not yet reviewed.

Yes my dear readers, I am in a reviewing slump. Last week I was in a bit of a reading slump - having to force myself through Darkborn - but since the end of september, I have been in a reviewing slump.

I can be doing something (like going to the toilet) and suddenly a few lines of a review about a book will come to me, but when I sit down to review...nothing.



So please bear with me as I try to dig myself out of the slump.


In other news: I received Random Magic by Sasha Soren in the mail today and it came in the most beautiful package ever with a rubber ducky and a feather and some lovely smelling tea...ooh and a chocolate minty.

It really made me feel better today as I had a pretty crap day yesterday so thank you to Lyrika for taking the time to wrap up such a beautiful package, I have already started Random Magic and I am enjoying it so far, so if and when I get out of the Slump I will definitely be looking forward to reviewing it.


Shy said...

I am always amazed at those who manage to read AND review a lot of book at the same time. I found myself reading a lot more than reviewing and seriously wanting to change this. But the problem is... I don't know how *sigh*

Hope that you'll be out of this slump in no time. At the meantime, enjoy the books your reading!

Marg said...

I have been in a reviewing slump for years now! Every now and again I write one, but it is nowhere near for every book, and I have loads of posts in draft which in theory are the start of reviews.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so this may sound weird, but I'm glad I'm not the only one in a slump! I haven't any time or thoughts as to when/how I will review the books that I've read!


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