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Bookie Brunch: Do you believe in the Paranormal?

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The question under discussion: When it comes to the paranormal and the magical - how much do you believe in what you’re reading? For you, are your books pure fiction or do you secretly hope that maybe there might be some truth to all of the stories?

Taking a swig of her skim mint extra hot, hot chocolate, Amanda begins with: I certainly hold out hope that there is some truth in what we read, I mean how cool would it be that people out there really could turn into an animal at will or who live forever. Even as I write this I feel silly, but I for one really want there to be more to this world than just humans, I want werewolves, vampires, faeries and magic, I know it's not really out there, BUT if they were to make themselves known, I would be one of the first people to turn around and say "I told you so. Now, where do I sign up for immortality?"

Melody, after a sip of her mango snapple, adds: I definitely hope that there is some truth to all the stories that I read, because I think the worlds they are set in are incredible. I wish there were faeries and shadowhunters in our world. I would love there to be some people who have werewolf or witch's blood in them. We love to read books with all these things in them, and even though I'm 99.99% certain that none of these things exist, I would love them to be real. I think one of the reasons we all love reading these books is because we all secretly hope that what we are reading about is real.

Pondering the quesiton over her peppermint tea, Liz continues with: I'm an enthusiast of losing myself in a story. If the author is doing their job, I can get fully lost and live in this other world of paranormal and magical creatures.

I wouldn't say that I think that they're real in the real world, just real in my imagination. There is truth in the stories, but not necessarily in the creatures that inhabit these stories. I don't believe in con artists that have magical powers, but I'm sure there are people who have family conflicts and have to deal with a similar life as Cassel in White Cat by Holly Black. This is probably because I'm a much bigger fan of getting into the inner workings (brain-wise) of the character than I am in wondering how they got to have magical powers.

Anna stirs her coffee and adds: That's a bit of a complex question cause you see,clearly, I don't believe in anything paranormal or magical I'm reading in my stories, but that, doesn't mean that I don't secretly wish that some of all those magical things I'm reading about would be true...!
For me, reading equals escaping my current world and entering a whole new one and even if I know what I'm reading is pure fiction that doesn't prevent me from "travelling" along with the heroes.
And that's the magic of a story for me. The ability of the writer to take you along in a world where facts and fiction coexist so harmonically that you secretly wish it was your reality.

Lea drains her egg nog and takes a shortbread cookie off the plate before concluding with:  I read a LOT of paranormal romance and no, I don't believe in demons, vampires, werewolves etc. etc. Reading for me is all about escape, I love the alternate worlds created by authors and immersing myself in the fantasy. Do I secretly hope there may be truth to the stories, um not usually I like dark, gritty spine tingling stories with tough Überalpha heroes, & living in a scary world where one could easily get turned into a leech? Um, no thanks.. lol

Amanda: As we are nearing the festive season and some of us are already hitting the egg nog :) (I'll take some brandy in mine thanks Lea) I have some Christmas cake for you all and some more egg nog!!! (One can never drink too much egg nog as far as I'm concerned. (I do have brandy under the table for any of you who wish to add "some extra flavour" to theirs.

Is this not the most coolest cake (bad English, I know) you have ever seen in your life?!?!

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