Saturday, December 3, 2011

Man of the Month: November 2011

This month's man of the month is:


Griffin from Emblaze by Jessica Shirvington

Griffin has never been a huge character in this series for me but in this book although he once again didn't play a huge part, was there for Violet in a way no one else was. Griffin acted more like a mentor in this book than ever and that understanding of how Violet was feeling and not expecting her to be strong all the time made me fall absolutely in love with him.

Although Griffin is physically only in his twenties, but for me, everytime I think of him I think of him as:
 His leadership combined with the maturity and general control of his character always leaves me with an older looking picture of him in my mind. It was actually quite hard to settle on what I imagined him to look like, he is one of those characters that has a voice and a face in the story when you're reading, but outside of the book I can hear the voice but I just can't see the face, yet he's such a delectable character.


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