Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Two Cents: The book spectrum

So the other day I was playing on Shelfari and I connected my Facebook account to my Shelfari profile.

It asked me if I wanted to post a certain review to Facebook as it does and came up with this as my profile description:

Just for the record the highlighted bit says: Amanda-Lee's bookshelf has 1479 books including Defending the Gospel & Everything Erotic Volume III.

I really don't think they could have picked two more opposite books to put there. Defending the Gospel is exactly what it sounds like...religious...and then you have in the same sentence as a book that is nearly more religious than the Bible it's so evangelistic, Everything Erotic Volume III which I reckon also suggests that I also have in my possession Volumes 1&2...which I do.

Could Shelfari have picked anything worse?

I pissed myself laughing for about 10 minutes...


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