Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Week!: Day 2

*sings* On the second day of Christmas....innaccurate I know...but it is the second day of StoryWings Christmas Week!

Todays Christmas caroll is:

So this song is a little inaccurate for me as well...seeing as it doesn't actually snow here...nor is it cold in any way...but hey...I still love it :D

Todays Christmas treat is:
Anyone for chocolate coated nuts?
Seriously...who thought that would be a good idea...regardless they do taste lovely.

Man 1: I have decided that I would like to cover my nuts in chocolate and see what it tastes like.
His friend (who is feeling a little uncomfortable at the moment): Excuse me?!
Man 1: It will be all the rage! Every one will want to eat my chocolate coated nuts!
His friend: Right...


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