Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 The Impossible Reading Challenge

Ok, so I am currently entered into a lot of reading challenges. But the one challenge that isn't out there is The Impossible Reading Challenge. Yes I think it is impossible to complete, but it is worth a try.

The reason it's impossible you ask? I want you to (try to) read 365 books in one year. Yep, a book a day. Of course it's impossible but it's a challenge. So lets see who can read the most, and at the end of the year I might, if I'm feeling generous, give out a prize to the person who gets the closest to 365.

Rules: (of course they're going to be relaxed because it's a big challenge!!!)
  1. All types of formats are accepted - audio books, e-books, traditional books etc.
  2. Crossovers are accepted.
  3. Re-reads are accepted.
  4. All genres are accepted.
  5. Novellas are accepted.
  6. They have to be books that can be bought and sold.
  7. Magazines are accepted.
  8. Proof must be available if called for.
  9. Bloggers are preferred (easier to provide proof) but all entries are accepted.
  10. Must be recreational reading (not work or school textbooks - novels for school are accepted)
- If you are a blogger please make a post, I would love for this challenge/contest to get off the ground.
- Non-bloggers, you can join too!!! Keep track of your books throughout the year, and update on the wrap-up post and/or the update posts throughtout the year.
- Mr Linky is down the bottom, so don't forget to sign. (Non-bloggers for your url, just put http://www)

Challenge starts from the 1st of January 2010 and ends 31st of December.
If you started a book in December and finished in January they are accepted.
Any books not finished at 11:59:59pm 31/12/2010 do not count.

This challenge is mainly about trying to pick up a book every day for a year, I want people to read as much as possible :)

Good luck, have fun!!!

1 comment:

Sakura said...

365?! You're crazy! And I'm just as crazy for signing up... Well, I'm in the 144 Book Challenge. We'll see if I can conquer more. Maybe even 200!


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