Sunday, January 10, 2010

Book Review: The Gilded Tarot by Barbara Moore

Review: The Gilded Tarot
Author: Barbara Moore
No. Of Pages: 150

Release Date: September 2004


The Gilded Tarot Companion is your guide to the enchanting images and timeless wisdom of this visionary tarot. An artist’s statement from deck creator Ciro Marchetti sheds light on the genesis of the deck and gives you unique insight into the creative process.

Then tarot expert Barbara Moore guides you through every step of the tarot reading. You’ll learn about the structure of the tarot deck and get tips on how the different suits and card numbers can add insight to your readings. In-depth descriptions and interpretations of each card in the deck are included, along with exercises throughout the book to help you synthesize your own unique, accurate card meanings.

Even if you’ve never read the cards before, you’ll get valuable tips to help you through the process:
·         How to store and care for your cards
·         The best ways to prepare for a reading
·         How to choose a significator card
·         Things to consider when asking a question

With this book as your guide, learn how to gain insight from The Gilded Tarot’s unique and beautiful renderings of timeless tarot images.

My thoughts:

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. “What is a tarot book doing here? OMG!!!” But it’s ok, I promise, I’m not mad, and I’m not even suggesting you read it, this book is only for the leisure of those who read cards, me being one of them.

I put this book up because when I started reading cards three years ago, I desperately wish I’d had this book at my side. I only picked it up two weeks ago and the depth of which this book teaches you is incredible.

Things are explained clearly and all throughout you are given a guideline but are also encouraged to look for your own meanings within the cards.

This book is something I will treasure forever, add to that the sheer beauty of the cards and you have yourself a perfect set.

I picked this box up because I loved the cards inside; I hit the jackpot after I had read the book.

So, if there is anyone out there who is thinking about maybe trying tarot out, this is the set for you. It’s simple, brilliantly explained, and the cards are absolutely gorgeous.

5 stars

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Anonymous said...

I have a set of the Gilded Tarot and they are STUNNING ... this book sounds like a must-read :)


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