Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Years!!!

Happy New Years everyone!!! I hope had as much fun as I did over the Christmas and New Year break. I for one am back to work tomorrow. But today I have been thinking (scary I know). I'm on a clean slate for the new year. I have a couple of new years resolutions. Finish something (a novel prefferably) and stick with something. There are three somethings I want to stick with:

  • This blog - I want to make the effort to write at least a review per week. I want to make this page interesting and fun to read.
  • An exercise regime - ok you guys probably didn't need to know that, but now that it's in print, and can never be taken down from the internet, it wil haunt me until I complete it.
  • My tarot - too many influences stopped me from reading cards which is something I love doing, I want to relearn my decks and rememorise all of the different meanings, once again you didn't need to know that, but still it's in writing now.


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