Monday, January 11, 2010

Post Overload

Ok, I think everyone who reads has noticed the slight Posting Overload I've had. I am reviewing alot more than what I did last year, entering challenges and basically making an effort to post all about my reading adventures.

So the piddly little Blog Archive I have is quite full, and frankly...ugly. So I am going to try and organise everything by categories.

All of the weekly things will have a little side list link:
Droolworthy Covers (Mondays)
Teaser Tuesdays (Tuesdays, duh)
Book Trailers (Wednesdays)
Counting the Days (Thursdays)
Friday Finds (Fridays, duh)

TBR Drawer Update (Sundays)

There will be buttons for:
Book Reviews (all reviews are listed here)
Reading Challenges (they have already been implemented)

And a side link for the five most recent reviews - this is a review blog after all.

Hopefully that will clean the page up a little bit and make it a bit easier for you (and me on occasion) to find stuff.

I think I am also going to change my layout, make it a little brighter and cleaner, but that won't be for a while.

Wish me luck!!


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