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Book Review: Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

Review: Hush, Hush
Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
No. Of Pages: 391
Release Date: October 2009
“His eyes sliced into me and the corners of his mouth tilted up. My heart fumbled a beat and, in that pause, a feeling of gloomy darkness seemed to slide like a shadow over me. It vanished in an instant, but I was still staring at him. His smile wasn’t friendly. It was a smile that spelled trouble. With a promise.”
For Nora Grey, romance was not part of the plan. Not until Patch came along. With his easy smile and eyes that seem to see inside her, Nora is drawn to him against her better judgement.
But after a series of terrifying encounters, Nora can’t decide whether to fall into his arms or run and hide. And when she tries to seek some answers, she finds herself near a truth that is way more unsettling than anything Patch makes her feel.
For Nora is in the middle of a centuries-battle between the immortal and those that have fallen – and the wrong choice will cost her life.

My thoughts:
Wow, this story was amazing! I read this book in a day, and it had my complete attention the entire time, even when I was forced to put it down. Hush, Hush is the kind of story that draws you in and won’t let go until you’ve finished the read.
I loved Hush, Hush purely because of the unpredictable storyline. I’m not dumb and I’m sure many of you aren’t, so when I read a mystery I can usually guess who’s behind it within the first couple of chapters, I just like to stick around and see how the story unfolds and how the author is going to get us to the end. Hush, Hush however had me guessing the whole way through and I loved every minute of it.
Nora is a strong character, and I loved the fact that Fitzpatrick didn’t have her chasing after Patch, girls chasing guy’s gets under my skin, especially if the guy happens to be a character like Patch. Nora fights her attraction to him the whole way through, because she knows he’s keeping something from her. She keeps her wits about her and even though she does a couple of silly and irrational things, it’s understandable and she continues to rely on herself and not call in the backup every time she gets into strife.
Patch is a character that you will either instantly love or instantly hate. I loved Patch from the start; he’s cocky, confident, infuriating, hilarious and mysterious. The perfect mix for an excellent male lead. I was constantly worried for Nora because of the way Fitzpatrick wrote Patch’s character, you knew all along that he had a very dark side to him, and you also wondered if his feelings for Nora were true.
Many reviews and comments about this book that I have read compare Hush, Hush to Twilight, saying that they are very similar. I am in love with Twilight so I don’t know whether I’m biased or not in saying this, but Hush, Hush is in no way similar to Twilight in my opinion. Bella and Edward (Twilight) were instantly in love no matter how much Edward told Bella no. Nora and Patch’s love on the other hand was given time to develop and be explored. We didn’t have to go over the whole one true love, and soul mate storyline in this book, it was simply teenage love, even though Patch is immortal.
I loved this book, and am looking forward to the second in the series, Crescendo, due out in late 2010.
5 stars

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Anonymous said...

I didn't see any similarities between Meyer's book and this one....for some reason reader feel a need to compare her books to every other paranormal YA that comes along. I just don't get that.

Love your thoughts and thought this book was amazing!

Amanda-Lee said...

Yeah Twilight is getting on my nerves now...its place on my Must read list is starting to waver hehe...Hush Hush was awesome!!!

It was for teens, but those of us who are a bit more mature could see deeper meaning within some of the lines :)

Hmmm i should have put that in the review hehe

Sarah said...

Great review :o) I ended up with mixed feelings about Hush, Hush - there were some things that really irritated me but despite that I did really enjoy the book & am looking forward to Crescendo

Steph said...

I loved this book. Patch is my favorite but I also really liked Nora because she was not your typical girl. She really is real for me. love your blog... I just started one my self check it out if you want.

Sarah said...

I'm glad you enjoyed this one & thanks for linking to my review. I've added your link too now :o) Are you looking forward to Crescendo? I had a review copy arrive last week & can't wait to see what happens next lol

Steph said...

Sarah, I can not wait for Crescendo. I am pretty new to blogging so I have only recieved e books for review but I do have a few comming soon and I can't wait. Can't wait to see your review!!


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