Monday, January 18, 2010

Jeaniene Frost...I love you...but you've ruined my TBR pile...

Hehe, it's not as bad as it sounds, don't crucify me yet!.

Basically I've just finished reading the Night Huntress books, as you may have noticed with the reviews that are coming through...well i finished them, but they are those kinds of books that are so well written that they stay on your mind for ages...even when you try to immerse yourself into another book.

I keep wanting Bones to pop up in the pages of Hush...and when he doesnt I'm mildly disappointed, which is completely crazy I know, but also true...

Might not help that I'm not liking Hush at ALL at the moment, hopefully it will pick up soon...

I will say it now...I'm officially a Bones addict...I think he may have surpassed Dimitri (Vampire Academy)...because basically, I only dreamt about Dimitri once...whereas Bones has cropped up a few times now hehe.

Might also be that I'm still on board the Paranormal Plane at the moment, so other things just aren't doing it for me :( Oh well...such a hard life I know lol.

Reviews for the entire Night Huntress series and Hush will be coming soon.

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Anonymous said...

Oh man! Bones is just so very super drool-worthy! I think I'm also in love with him ... just a little bit (",) ... and after reading First Drop of Crimson ... Spade ... *sigh*. Somehow, I don't think Mencheres is going to have the same effect on me, though ... he's just ... no ... I don't know. I'd rather the next Night Huntress World book was about Ian, hehe :P


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