Saturday, May 22, 2010

Discussion Questions: Bitten by Kelley Armstrong

  1. Let's talk relationships.  What did you think of Elena's relationship with Philip? Were her feelings for him genuine? Why or why not? I don't think her feelings were genuine at all. She was making herself go out with him to prove to herself that she could lead a normal life, constantly trying to talk herself into loving him and staying with him.
  2. Keeping secrets from someone you love, is it being true to yourself?  Elena was hiding out in Toronto and away from the Pack. Did this make Elena a stronger character or whiny? I don't really think it made her either. If anything maybe a little stronger because she did manage to care for herself, but I definitely don't see it as whiny to try and make your life normal after having it turned upside down. I think that there are some secrets that need to be kept, for the good of the relationship. Telling someone you love that you were once engaged really isn't going to make any difference other than make your partner doubt you. There really isn't any point. The werewolf thing may be a different story, but Elena didn't think Philip could handle it, well she knows him doesn't she. Someone you truly love, should probably be let in on that little secret though.
  3. Kelley Armstrong's werewolves lean more towards the traditional side of the wolf legend. What "were" type are you? Do you enjoy the pain riddled, desiring human flesh werewolves like the Wolfman or the intensely scary wolves like in the movie Silver Bullet or do you prefer painless shifters that keep a majority of human and other light PNR novels? I LOVE her take on werewolves, they're real. You can't really expect to turn into an animal and still think like a person...that's kind of dumb. The fact that they can fight through their change and still think with a bit of a human mind is also, well, believable. I don't want to read about a werewolf that acts more like a puppy than a wolf and Armstrong gave me real wolves which I thoroughly enjoyed.
  4. Could you forgive the man you loved if he were to BITE you like what occurred with Elena? Hmm, this is a hard question. Depending on how much I loved him I think. I can think of a couple of exes that I would take great pleasure in killing if they turned me into a werewolf. I don't think I'd mind being one to be perfectly honest, but it does give me a good reason to kick some ass. I can think of some other people that in time, although it would be hard, I could forgive.

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-k said...

From the very start of the book Philip annoyed the hell out of me. Of course, as the book developed, I grew incredibly attached to Clay's character, so that opinion may be a bit biased.
I agree with you too about Elena's character; I never found her whiney. Rebellious, sure, but I thought her a strong character nonetheless.


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