Saturday, May 29, 2010

Reader Habits

I have seen this "meme" or questionnaire go up on several blogs, and thought that since I have time to kill, I'd fill it out. (D isn't here yet.) Anyway, the list of blogs that have participated are...

Simcha - SFF Chat

All of the blogger's blogs are linked to their reading habits blog post. (Try saying that 10 times fast, eh?) :)

Do you snack while you read? If so, favourite reading snack:
I tend not to snack when I read because it takes away from maximum page turnability and it becomes a hassle if I'm eating something big...not too mention grubby fingers :( I'm very anal about my books being in top condition.

What is your favourite drink while reading?
Meh, whatever is nearest. Usually water.

Do you tend to mark your books as you read, or does the idea of writing in books horrify you?
That question just made my eyes bleed...writing in books? OMG who would do that?!?!?!?!

How do you keep your place while reading a book? Bookmark? Dog-ears? Laying the book flat open?
I have an impecable memory for numbers, it's why I am an accountant. As long as I remember to look at the page before I close the book I never forget where I am, even if I neglect the book for a couple of days, or weeks in the case of Beautiful Creatures. People used to give me book marks, but I would always lose them, I have thought of trying a book thong, but it would be kind of pointless.

Fiction, non-fiction, or both?
Pretty much fiction. The only non-fiction I have read are Ancient History books and Chopper Reeds memoirs. The history books were years ago though. I only pick up non-fiction if I have to, like for tech or a writing reference.

Are you a person who tends to read to the end of a chapter, or can you stop anywhere?
If I am trying to be difficult with my mum, then I will ask to go to the end of the chapter before I have to get up, but I can stop anywhere. To be honest a lot of the times I don't notice when I have started a new chapter.

Are you the type of person to throw a book across the room or on the floor if the author irritates you?
NO! I feel guilty when they fall off the table let alone throwing them!

If you come across an unfamiliar word, do you stop and look it up right away?
I don't want to sound hoity toity but well, there aren't many words that I come across that I don't know the meaning of...especially in YA. But even adult novels, usually I will have a fair idea of what every word means and the context of the sentence concretes the meaning.

What are you currently reading?
Tempest Rising by Nicole Peeler

What is the last book you bought?
Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead (it still hasn't come yet :"( )

Are you the type of person that reads one book at a time, or can you read more than one?
I like to say that I focus on one book at a time, but lately it has been a little different. Graphic novels I will read in the ten minutes I have before I leave for work, anthologies, I will focus on one story at a time and maybe read novels in between, novels I like to stick to one primary but there are a few I have started and have left for the moment. e.g my boyfriend gave me Lover Awakened on saturday and I started reading it right then, even though I was halfway through Birthmarked. I review for Blog With Bite as well, so if a deadline is coming up and I need to read the book, depending on what I am currently reading I may stop and start the BWB feature.

Do you have a favourite time/place to read?
Hmm, in the car or in bed. Reading or writing in my car is surreal for me, you can see everything outside, but you aren't connected to it, you're in your soundproof (ish) bubble and there are no distractions. In bed is when I do a lot of reading, I have been know to have black eyes because I have fallen asleep with a book in my hand and it bashed me in the face when it fell. My mum always comes up to check on me as well to turn the light off and put the book on the table.

Do you prefer series books or stand alones?
It really depends on the story, i have a habit of reading series more than I read stand alones. As long as it looks good, I will read it.

Is there a specific book or author you find yourself recommending over and over?
Definitely Richelle Mead and Jennifer Echols and Sophie Kinsella. I don't recommend authors so much as i recommend titles. I learned a long time ago never to judge a book by it's author.

How do you organize your books? (by genre, title, author's last name, etc.)
At the moment, my book shelf is a complete nightmare. Titles I have read are stacked in order of series. Favourites get the eye level shelf. I am running out of room on a massive scale though and books are just stacked where they will fit. Books I haven't read are in piles, sorted by the month I bought them.

You can take these questions and answer them on your own blog and join in on the fun. I hope you enjoyed my answers and I look forward to reading your answers as well. If you do take part in the meme, be sure to leave a link and I'll check out your answers as well.


Renae said...

So glad I started following your blog! I so needed an idea for a post! Here's the link...
This was fun!
Thanks again! Renae

Raspberry said...

I did it too - thanks, it was fun!

Lindsay (a.k.a Isabella) said...

I've just done this too. Great fun. :)

Jan von Harz said...

Hi just read your interview with Kristin and decided to come over and check you out. Love the blog. I had to laugh at you aghast answer to marking up books. While I do not mark up the books I read now except with PostIts, I have some books from my college course that I definitely have written in especially my poetry books.

Anyway love the blog and I am now a follower.

This Miss Loves to Read said...

I found your blog on the hop and I LOVE it. I'm now your follower.;)

Great reading habits! Very similar to my own. I love your answer about reading in a car. That's unique, but it sounds really cool. Cheers!

Ee Leen Lee said...

Enjoyed your answers
but yes I agree about reading in a car heheh

Aspen said...

Just tagged you =)


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