Thursday, May 13, 2010

If you were to attend Vampire Academy, what power would you have and why?

This is actually very hard for me to choose. Do I want a Moroi Elemental power? A dhampir fighting power? or the power to live forever as a Strigoi?

I will eliminate Strigoi first, purely because I do rather enjoy having a soul. And although they are really strong and live forever, and have all the awesomeness of what I consider true vampires we are in Vampire Academy world now, and although I may be evil, I'm not that evil.

Next are the Moroi. Elemental power but weak. This piece is based purely on the first book, not what happens in the latter books. According to Moroi law, Moroi aren't permitted to use their powers for anything other than lame party tricks. No fighting allowed. If I were to choose Moroi, I would want to be a water element. Just because I naturally am a water element. Either that or fire. But I think that ultimately I would prefer water.

Then there are the Dhampirs. Super human ninjas. Fighting fit, and ready to go at all times. But with no powers and in a way, are dependant on the Moroi if they get clucky. Then there is also the duty of having to guard and be on hand at all times. Everytime they want to go out, you have to go with them etc.

So, weak ruler, or awesome servant. I am naturally lazy...but being Moroi would mean having to conform to Moroi rules and ways...yet being dhampir would just mean being a human, but a bit stronger...well I have always wanted to learn Kung-fu...

Although it would be very, very hard to follow the rules and discipline that come with being a Moroi, and also the social restrictions, I think having magical water powers would be better than having kung fu powers, because with my water powers, I could also meditate.

Water based Moroi it is.

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Elizabeth said...

I would have fire ice fire because I could burn things


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